Crash Course

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Crash Course
LocationRenton, Seattle
Result Renraku prevented a Grid Guide Competitor from entering the market. Renton Technical College's Project was disqualified from the Renton Tech Expo
Factions Involved
Night Hunters (On behalf of Humanis) Archivist
Blue Streak
Casualties and losses
1 Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit None
Jensen was disgraced, he lost his position at the college.


The Renton Tech Expo is a local presentation of products designed to improve the quality of life in the Barrens. A variety of corps sponsor teams and ideas and often winning members of the teams are offered prizes, employment, and other lucrative items. For Steven Jensen, a orkish teacher at Renton Technical College, it offers a chance for his best and brightest students to earn their way out of the Barrens and into a better life. This years project is a competitor for Grid Guide that will save money and processing power. Jensen's team believes it could bring easier commutes to the Barrens amd general improve commerce in the poorer areas of Seattle.

Unfortunately for Jensen, there are those who don't want the technology to see the light of day. Humanis wants to keep the Barrens disconnected, and doesn't want other Orks to get ideas from Jensen about improving their station. They want the project destroyed. Renraku on the other hand, wants the project discredited to both eliminate a competitor and potentially allow them to scoop up the technology at a fraction of its worth.


The runners meet the J at a Soybucks. Mr. Johnson is clearly new to the game and seems to be very nervous and excited to be working with real Shadowrunners. As the runners are well versed in social arts, Archive, Lise, and Waku triple team the negotiations and J agrees to a fairly hefty sum for such an "easy" job. The mission is simple, install a data file on a Nissan Jackrabbit that is running some kind of prototype software. The target is on campus at a local tech school, and resistance should be light. The J impresses upon the runners the need for stealth and specifically not leaving any traces the prototype has been tampered with.


The runners, on a tight time table do some digging on the college, the tech expo, and the prototype. With skill and luck they quickly pull enough data to plan their run. Archivist will enter the campus Host and insert their SINS in the student registry. This will allow them access to all the student areas of the school. He will work the system while Lia and Haeru enter the bay where the prototype is, distract any students that may be working late and place a data tap. Blue Streak and Waku keep watch and remain mobile to deal for unexpected issues.

The run goes swimmingly until Waku notices some out of place motorcycle gang members casing the college. Bluestreak notices another less conspicuous ganger keeping watch from the parking lot. With a sneaking suspicion there is another team moving on the prototype Archivist dives into a commlink and tracks the gang members (the Night Hunters) back to a Humanis policlub member.

The runners quickly decide to have Archivist spoof a mission update from the Humanis member to the gangers. They hope to have the gang target a different Nissan Jackrabbit and ignore the prototype. The plan nearly falls apart when the Humanis member notices Archivist's activities but Archivist delivers an absolutely killer Data spike to the commlink and bricks the device.

The Dual faces easily distract the two students working on the prototype with offers to go party with them. They plant the spike and get Archivist access to the prototype. The ganger Bluestreak is tailing gets a call and seems upset. Concerned that somehow Humanis got a call through, he wastes no time and the ganger is promptly pumped full of stick n shock.

The bikers Waku is watching come in loud and fast and stuff the wrong Chrysler Nissan Jackrabbit full of grenades. After the flashy assault the campus is locked down, mere minutes after the runner escape.


The Johnson pays promptly. Days later data on the prototype comes to light revealing the lead designer, Jensen, has been falsifying safety records about their design. The project is disqualified and Jensen loses his position at the college. Renraku quietly picks the "worthless" protoype up for a fraction of what it would have paid had the design won. Humanis uses the events (Jensen's apparent cover-up) as further justification for their campaigns of hate.


Each Runner is paid 8,000 Nuyen for completing the mission and no arousing suspicions. 3k each for a smooth run.

Player Characters


Blue Streak

WFTP 4k -> 2 karma