Crisp White Sheets

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Crisp White Sheets
Part of It's Always Wednesday in Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Hyun Ae Hekmatyar
Black Vory
Night Witch
Submersible semi-submersible
Smuggling Teams
Casualties and losses
2x Sub Crew


Hyun Ae Hekmatyar hires a Hydro, Scurvy, Night Witch, and Ladybird to figure out if rumors of semi-submersibles operating near Seattle are true, and to capture or destroy one if they are confirmed to exist.


With the Black Vory’s prospective airfield destroyed and ShadowHaven personnel under heavy suspicion[1], Tsar has turned to the backup plan of shipping large amounts of raw materials for K-10 via semi-submersible into the SSC and then manufacturing it within Seattle in order to avoid further supply chain disruptions. While he was already operating several semi-submersibles, the shipping schedule has become more rapid in order to make up for the losses he has suffered.

The Meet

Hyun Ae Hekmatyar calls the team to meet her at the Tacoma docks onboard her Blohm and Voss Classic 111 yacht, where she's lounging in the second deck hot tub. She explains that she has heard rumors of semi-submersibles operating in the area without her permission, and recently a Laesa Syndicate member spotted a watercraft landing across the Tacoma Bay in SSC territory and unloading cargo. She's hiring runners as she's unsure if her own people may be behind this. She requests that the team preferably capture a sub, as well as determine who is operating who has built them, then offers them 4,000 NuYen each, all in advance. Largely insulted by this, Hydro and Ladybird explain that they need to be compensated considerably more for such a complicated request. Hyun Ae apologies, stating that she doesn't have much experience with hiring Runners, and offers them all 12,000 additional if the rumors turn out to be true.

The Plan

Thanks to the immense smuggling experience of the team, they realize that the drug vans are crossing the border into Tacoma as it's less dangerous than any of the Barrens approaches and has lower security than the Renton or Snohomish checkpoints from the SSC. They also know that in order for the semi-submersible to beach, it would need to conduct operations at night and at low tide, giving it a limited window for arrival. Hydro requests to borrow scuba gear and thermal protection from Hyun Ae, who gives her a drysuit. The team stakes out the last know location of a semi-submersible, with Scurvy and Ladybird in a van, Hydro in the water utilizing ultrasound sensors, and Night Witch patrolling in Broomstick, the idea being to jump the support crew and the submarine when they arrive.

The Run

While no semi-submersible arrives, Night Witch does spot a bright green LED signal coming from a few miles down the shoreline to the North and informs the team. She stealthily flies over and observes a semi-submersible and six people moving product crates into a GMC Universe. Hydro swims over extremely quickly thanks to some water speed modifications in her cyberlimbs and plants a Kanmushi drone and a stealth tag on the semi-submersible, but is spotted in the process and the crew begins to seal up the boat to leave.

Ladybird and Scurvy arrive, and Ladybird gains marks on the boat and its RCC, then forces the hatch open for Hydro to enter. Ladybird examines the modules on the boat and realizes that the rumors of it being a full submersible are true, though its maximum depth is only 20 meters. Ladybird remotely pilots it away, crashing it into a shallow bottom area in order to help hurt the crew, but loses connection in the process. The shore crew attempts to intervene but does not have any means to pursue and the sub does not resurface or otherwise give them a chance to destroy it. Hydro neutralizes the last remaining crew member, takes manual control of the sub, and drives off to the Tacoma Docks with navigational support from Scurvy, managing to avoid both the SSC Coast Guard and grounding.


Hyun Ae Hekmatyar is surprised by the quick arrival of the team and pays them. She offers to have her own people handle both the interrogation of the crew and the ownership transfer electronics work.


  • 16,000 NuYen
  • 4 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • +1 Laesa Syndicate Reputation
  • Smart silly straws
  • OPTION: Gain Hyun Ae Hekmatyar as a contact at 6/1 for 6 RVP taken from any source.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Night Witch

Pretty good for a first run. Decent pay to fly around and do a bunch of spotting. Clouds and light pollution didn't let me watch the sky though, kind of disappointing.


Hek seems... not to have quite enough discretion for me to be comfortable working for her. She pays pretty well, so it's hard to dislike her, but I like my low profile.


Best not to be doing so many of this type of job, worry for my rep. Easy money though, relaxing in a van instead of a dry-suit. Didn't do much besides share my experience in the smuggling trade, Hydro was better suited to the aquatic. No one else stuck around to shmooze with the Hek, weird. Got someone in Cara'sir now.