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LocationThe Murkywood


The runners break into The Murkywood Clubs Host to cause chaos. The club is rumoured to be owned by the Eighty-Eights Triad which means this could lead to retaliation.


The Jonson was The Murkywood's Clubs spider until one of the dancers emerged and made him redundant.  He wanted to get his old job back and to do he wanted chaos.

The Meet

The players meet the Jonson in a room in the Shadowhaven host. The job was to get his replacement fired by making her security skill's look bad.  After a brief negotiation, the team accepted the job. The plan was to break into the host and cause chaos but they decided to learn the replacements information so they could offer a new job.

The Run

Moth moved into the club and kept eyes on the meat. Sparrow and ZZ  broke into the host after a few failed attempts. While ZZ caused chaos, Sparrow slipped into the security host to copy the files of the new spider. While getting the spiders files Sparrow also read the ex Spider's files, the one that hired them. The alarm was tripped and the spider appeared behind Sparrow coming out of running silent and summoning their sprite. The technomancer overwhelmed Sparrow, causing them to just copy the logs and jack out.


The team headed to meet the Jonson in the net and after Sparrow tried and failed to threaten the Jonson the team got paid. A few weeks later Sparrow called the dancer turned Spider - Charlotte Rina - who was in need of a new job and offered them a place at their clinic as a Spider/student.


8,000 nuyen, 3 Karma, 2CDP (Sparrow 2,000 nuyen, 3 Karma, Connection 2 Loyalty 1 Contact Charlotte Rina)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Moth here. This was an interesting job.

The johnson wanted to meet us in the host, rather than in person. So I met him and my fellow runners first in VR. I recognized Sparrow. We’ve done runs together before and hung out. The other runner, ZeroZero, was new to me.

I knew they were a techonmancer and he was a decker.

The johnson was upset because he’d been recently fired from a job as a Spider at a club.

Murkywood. I recognized the name immediately. It’s a pretty good club. It’s called Murkywood because the smoke from all the deepweed is palpable. The decorations have a mystical forest feel, and the music is trippy. Slow and psychedelic. Drugs for days.

The johnson believed he was fired because one of the dancers at the club had awakened. She could now do two jobs at once – dancer and technomancer. So he was redundant and lost his job. He wanted us to ‘test’ their security enough to upset management and get her fired too. He knew the club host had a nested host with the good stuff. Kind of an illegal job, so it would be just her guarding it. This wasn’t some corp guarded host.

Now, I certainly felt sympathetic to her. I’ve done quite a bit of club dancing in my time, sometimes professionally. Which just means you got paid. But seriously, I can dance. On another run, Horizon was ready to give me a contract – so I’m not just saying this. I’ve grown up around dancers since I was a little girl. I’ve had plenty of friends and mother figures who were dancers. I didn’t particularly want to see her hurt.

But, I figured it would be no big deal to quietly – through agents – make sure she had other job offers if she was in fact fired. At that point Sparrow mentioned they could also potentially offer her a job at their clinic. Like a legit honest job. So I figured she was going to land on her feet. Dancers are good at that!

But anyway this led to a huddle (still in VR) with the team.

It was clear they were going to need to do the hacking part.

We figured I could go into the club and look around. Get eyes on the dancer/cyber-security. Monitor how the work they were doing impacted the club. I mean, we did need to prove to our johnson it was an effort that could get a person fired. Even if we hoped management didn’t go that route.

I had offered to watch their bodies, drive the car kind of thing. But we figured it was good to get eyes inside (me), so I called my bodyguard Heavy Metal. He was happy to drive them around in ZZ’s van. Keep their bodies moving so they were harder to trace. Watch their vitals.

It was interesting all meeting up for that part. ZZ is like Seattle grunge – which is a long time out of fashion - meets a guy who lives in his van. There was trash to clean out of the driver’s seat. I could see Heavy Metal judging him.

I can’t really describe what happened on their end at that part. I wasn’t there!

But, my part was interesting.

They dropped me off. I made my way in. I fit right in. This is kind of my scene, though I like my clubs a little faster beat on the music.

The dancers were up on a platform in the center. Several of them. Pretty good. All manner of folk. From elves to trolls.

There was a machine where you could grab your drugs, just dispensing at cost, like a soda machine.

Honestly, I figured this was going to be fun. I just kept my eyes on the dancers. Watching for any of them to look stressed or going tearing off behind the curtain. (There is liked a beaded curtain to the ‘backstage’ area).

And things did in fact get wild, so I knew my co-runners were hard at work.

First, one of the two speakers switched to glam rock! Now, I love glam rock. That is some dancing music. But hearing it in one ear, while slow trance music pours out of another speaker at the same time? That is epic levels of trippy. Hard to dance to. People were convulsing on the floor.

And I got a solid identification on the dancer in question. A young elf woman. This was my key role. I had a good ID on her. Biometric scan of her features. Ready to impersonate her if it came to that, for any variety of reasons. (Didn’t end up needing to, but it’s good to be prepared.)

She tore off the stage and past the curtain to get to work.

Now not long after both speakers switched to glam rock, which was just fine.

Good for dancing.

And then! Word spread like wildfire across the room.

The deepweed was now free from the vending machine. It was a mob scene to get close enough to get some. People were buying and smoking, buying and smoking. If you thought it was Murky before…

Naturally I got some. Naturally I consumed it. I actually save a little for the after party with the other two, but … yikes … we’ll get there. I needed it.

Anyway, eventually they DNI me that the job is done, and to rendezvous up.

I understand that they got her personnel file also. More info.

We’d done enough to meet up the johnson and get paid.

Now this was not great. This was a simple close-out. Report what was accomplished. Get paid. Easy peasy.

We relayed all the mayhem. He said he’d verify with a source that it was true and then the money would come to us.

And for no good reason Sparrow decides to threaten him. Like ‘I know where you and your family live’ threaten him. A johnson! A runner telling a johnson they’ve cracked their identity and the Haven is just garbage protection. I feel like that breaks every code we have. I was flabbergasted.

I tried to play it off but I was so rattled. And possibly high. I just could not string together words. I think I confused him enough to maybe just write us all off as tripping.

But I am freaking out about my reputation.

Am I gonna get notoriety for being present when a johnson was threatened? And was Sparrow going to make it worse by doing something to him???

There was a lot of glaring and shouting and finally I think I got it through to them.

We agreed Sparrow could do the follow-up with the dancer, and only signal if that didn’t work out.

Later Sparrow mentioned they did get her a job as a technomancer. So I guess that worked out. My contacts would have been for jobs in dancing.