God Help You, You Dumb Boy

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God Help You, You Dumb Boy
LocationGlow City, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved


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(Thursday, September 17, 2081) Glow City, Seattle: Coming Soon!
  • Hoi, chummers! I was forwarded this clipping with a couple of digital post-its attached. According to my source...
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The Meet

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The Plan

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The Run

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9,000 Nuyen
4 Karma
Upcoming Contact with 4 Chips

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This one was close to home; both the meet and the target were basically in my backyard.  Actually, we did almost the entire run from my kitchen, so I effectively got paid to sit around the house.  I should find more of these jobs...

The Johnson called the meet in that dumb wannabe "ganger" bar in touristville, place filled with guys who think they're cool western whatever-they-call-thems, bah.  Thankfully our face got us through the meet quick; Santesso seems to be competent.  Since the target (that Glow City gang, the Rusted Stilettos) holes up in the dirty part of Redmond (I mean, more dirty than usual, you see) I invited the team over to my house to plan.  

Initial footwork went smoothly, turns out my Fixer could put us in contact with a Stiletto under-lieutenant; some guy named Oxide that owes Charleston his life.  Not that we actually wanted to talk to the guy, ha! No just his comm code is all we needed, Sc4rl3tt grabbed a bunch of info off of it and gave us a location to check out.  So while Sc4rl3tt analyzed her new data, Santesso and I jumped in to do some recon.  

Fragging Tractor is an idiot, I swear.  Who the hell shoots a .50 MG at a flyspy?  Nobody in their right mind.  He's damn lucky I jumped out or there'd be even more hell to pay than there already is.  That moron owes me.

After that fiasco we tracked down the Rusted Stilettos main "operation", if you could call it that.  More like a clown fiesta.  The cherry on top being their "armory", more accurately: "building-sized improvised explosive device".  They broke every rule in the book for storing explosives, it was basically asking us to set it off.  That became goal #1.  

Turns out the Stilettos were funding their aforementioned "operations" with the worst sort of BTLs, so we had to put an end to that if we wanted them to quit.  Sc4rl3tt figured we could grab their BTL files and blackmail the Stilettos into inaction, which sounded good to me.  Our eventual plan revolved around one master stroke: taking out their armory, blackmailing them, and blowing up their decker all in one explosive instant.  

Sc4rl3tt got to work digging out the BTL files from their host, while we doctored up some social media traffic to get the Stilettos riled up and ready to show off their armory.  This worked out better than I expected and everything lined up for 9pm the following day.  For the final finishing touch, Santesso piloted a drone with a radio detonator into their armory silently and I worked it remotely to set the place to blow on command.

The explosion was something of beauty, even from my balcony (mind you, I wouldn't want to be much closer to a giant glow city dirty bomb).  I'll always treasure the trid I recorded.  Check it out: <StilettoArmoryDetonation.trid>