Insider Trades

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Insider Trades
LocationSeattle, MCT Extra-Territorial Zone
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Dr. Henry Wallace
Triple Trouble
Casualties and losses
None, Luckily. A few, notably the helicopter.


8133D3R needs to even his chips with Dr. Henry Wallace and so takes on a mission with a secret, totally non-AI, third party. He calls in two runners from the Haven. Things just... don't go right.


Henry Wallace, being a leader of a cyber-singularity cult in secret, was one of the people Von Neumann contacted in order to increase its networks. It seeked to gain access to megacorporation trading circles discreetly, but unfortunately could not risk one of its own models being captured or researched by KE forensics teams. As a result, it had to hire people to do it -- even that it could not do itself, but someone who wants to ascend into mechanical perfection? He could hire someone on its behalf if it only divulged the secrets he hoped to know...

The Meet

8133D3R meets up with Dr. Henry Wallace, getting the mission to help a shell corp make money and look legit. He's given 4 days. He then calls in Bannerette and Triple Trouble to break into a location and plant files that seem legit.

The Plan

Hit the MCT location, stealth in using guile and gumption, let 8133D3R hack in directly, plant the files, and exfiltrate.

The Run

Oh boy did that plan not survive contact with the enemy. After picking a location and getting some information about mid-level executives via the matrix, the crew decided to do some drugs, recon, break-in, replace an exec, make money. 8133D3R had been hacking for 18 hours and was on Long-Haul already, so upon taking Cereprax and Red Mescaline immediately passed out. For 26 hours. The awake crew decide to scout during this time, noting a good place for physical infiltration, locations of guards, and spirits. When 8133D3R awoke, they had limited time and decided to go the direct route. They managed to get quite far without tripping any alarms or notifying guards. Then 8133DER tried to hack a computer. He failed and was being attacked by an MCT-associated Techno. He eventually got Fd the F up. During times when 8133D3R was hacking/largely incapacitated, Triple Trouble and Bannerette were being heroes. They held off a wave of guards and spirits before ultimately the team decided the run wasn't worth their lives and ran. Well... technically they levitated 8133D3R and rode him like a magic carpet. They didn't get far before a helicopter showed up and locked on. With seemingly no options left Bannerette aims a missile with a max bonus from a Machine Sprite. Insta kill. The crew live but have failed the mission.


8133D3R has a short conversation with Dr. Henry Wallace about his failure. Everyone is happy to be alive.


For 8133D3R: Spike Resistance 1 (10 RVP) For Triple Trouble: Tough As Nails Stun 2 (10 RVP) For Bannerette: Catlike & 3 Karma (10 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Not everything can be a success, sorry to say. However, we got pretty far into the notorious MCT lair and everyone came out alive. I even got to knock a helicopter out of the sky. I wouldnt call it a successful operation, but I wouldnt say we fucked it up either. We just got unlucky, I suppose.