On a Hot Summer's Night. . .

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On a Hot Summer's Night. . .
Part of The Farm and The Furious
LocationThe Matrix
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Halloweeners


Trust heads deep into a companies host for free Ice Cream and discovers their nefarious scheme to scam children out of ice cream! She assembles a crack team to bring retribution to the people of the Barrens and stick it to the gang behind it!


Trust was sitting in her home one day, doing things that Trust does when she suddenly heard the ice cream jingle. She finds flying by her window a drone that delivers ice cream. Trust being Trust, she hacks into the drone to find out how to get herself some for herself. She learns of the destination host that this place has and goes to it. There, she finds an ice cream shop where she can get some. But, once again, being a hacker means you don't' have to pay for everything. So Trust goes deeper into this host, running silent to avoid detection as she goes deeper and deeper. At the deepest level, inside two other nestled hosts she finds a warehouse of a datahost, with huge amounts of data. During her search for the files she needed to get some ice cream, she discovers some files that show the group was scamming people out of their ice cream. During this time as well, Trust got caught snooping, and quickly got her ice cream shipment and copied all the files she needed.

The Meet

Finding all this information, Trust put out a call to the haven to assist her in liberating ice cream to the barrens. A group of runners joined her, and they came up with a plan to spread the joy of ice cream.

The Plan

The plan was simple. They'd gather the drones, either by shooting them out of the sky or hacking them to come to the group, and they'd make a giant freezer from their parts, put the ice cream in there, and use one of the team's roadmasters to store it all and use as a freezer for all of the ice cream, then deliver it.

The Run

The plan went well with only one hiccup. A group of gangers arrived to put a stop to the free ice cream turn out. They were dealt with in a way that would entertain the children, and teach them a lesson of not messing with the kids of the barrens anymore. This did spark the annoyance of their boss, who Trust got the commnumber of via hacking the assailants' commlink.


Ice cream for EVERYONE! And they got to sell off a bunch of it for profit.


Trust: 6 karma, 12,000 nuyen, +2 CDP

Crone/Pell/Santesso: 2 Karma, 6,000 nuyen, +2 CDP

DominaVioletta : Take 8 GMP!

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Didn't expect to steal ice cream for a run. Anyway, 'Weeners are weird. Might need to deal with this faction of 'Weeners sooner or later.


I can't imagine being so petty as to want to attack people who are just passing out ice cream. Fortunately they weren't very tough at all, and backed down quickly.


Ice cream. They screamed. And ducked. And hid behind things. And ultimately ran away. (I got to hack some things, though!)