Raid on Daze

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Raid on Daze
Part of ShadowHaven Shutdown
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Alessa P
3xKE Vehicles with Agents


The Runners are called to the Daze to help Alessa P delay an upcoming razia so that all illigal things can be removed in time. Allesa asks the Runners to use creative ways and not to use unnecessary violence. The Runners manage to delay the KE agents long enough to prevent a successful razia.


The DA office in Ranton is running its Light the Shadows campaign and has come across the Daze which is used by many runners as a meeting place. A razia of the Daze is ordered but some runners stumble upon hints of the razia and inform Alessa P about it. Unfortunately, it is almost too late to prevent the worst. So Alessa P starts a desperate call via the Haven App to find Runners who can stop the convoy of KE Agents until the Daze is clean.

The Meet

The meeting will be held at Daze. Some of the runners will come by public transport. Allesa overlooks the Runners at first, but then speaks to them and explains the situation. She asks them to delay the convoy and not to use force. She thinks that violence would only worsen the situation. The runners haggle a bit about the payment, but then they can agree with Allesa and get to work immediately.

The Plan

The Runners plan to stop the convoy with traffic jams, traffic closures and the help of a gang.

The Run

Highlander contacts Jenny Rivers and is able to convince her to close the highway between Barrens and Bellvue. Which leads to a traffic jam in that area. Highlander and Nikini then set off to get the convoy off the highway even sooner so that they lose even more time while they have to struggle through the streets of Bellvue. To do this, Highlander contacts 8ball as matrix support to hack the traffic signs and Nikin uses her spells to make the roadblocks appear as real as possible and to disguise Highlander as a cop. The maneuver succeeds, however, the KE agents can see through the roadblock spell and stop briefly to talk to Highlander. Highlander is able to stall them a bit and credibly convey that they didn't have time to set up a real roadblock and that's why the magician came along. Highlander can see a second KE agent pointing out the upcoming traffic jam and then the convoy moves on.
At the same time, Bulldozer and Bland set out to convince the local gang hellspawn to stop a larger motorcycle gang KE. The gang is willing to help the runners for a fee. After Nikini and Highlander find out that KE has changed the route and doesn't notice the traffic jam, they inform the two runners at the motorcycle gang and Bulldozer and Bland set off together with the bikers to intercept KE on the highway.
The bikers manage to take out one of the troop carriers with the help of Bulldozers and Bland, but then they are repelled with water cannons and have to abandon the action. Nikini and Highlander are able to get back in front of the convoy and try their traffic detour trick again. However, the KE agents are now already very alarmed and see through the spells. Highlander is unceremoniously shot down with the water cannon and the convoy continues and would reach the Daze too early. Thanks to Bland's inspiration, they find a smuggler's route that allows them to get in front of the convoy again. Using all their skills, the runners manage to cause an accident between the leading KE vehicle and a bystander.


Alessa has done it and eliminated all evidence of illegal activity before KE can arrive.


  • 14.000 Nuyen (7 RVP)
  • 2.000 Nuyen (Nego)
  • 8 Karma (8 RVP)
  • 2 CDP (1 RVP)

Optional (from RVP above):

  • Alessa P C4L3 (6 RVP)


  • Alessa P Loyalty from 3 to 5 (9 RVP)


  • Honest Face (5 RVP)


  • 1 Rank in Focused concentration (4 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"I was alarmed to hear that Alessa P was in danger; she's done so much for me, since I came into the shadows. Fortunately, it was just a distract and disarm maneuver, meant to slow down the Knight Errant authorities come to make trouble for the club. We came up with some fairly crazy ideas, but it worked. I'm just glad I could be there in her time of need."


" I was informed of Miss Alessa needing runners for something, so needing money, did I make my way over to help, luckily the job was right up my alley; along with the assistance of other runners, were we successful in our missions. "