See-lie You Later

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See-lie You Later
Part of The Crow of Seattle
LocationSeelie Court
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Niall O'Connor
Pump King Jack
Melia Blake
Seelie Fae
Babylon Treasa ke'Vedryn
Seelie Court
Casualties and losses
Treasa's gift Spell-Shaping Focus is now inhabited by a F10 Imp. The original and any copies of "Night In The Blade, Shooting Kiss of Oblivion's" formula are stolen from one of Treasa's estates.


Babylon liberates a spirit. It's totally fine.


Charon once demanded karma payment from a fey. This ended well as all might expect and she ended up bound in a spirit pact with a captive Baobhan Sith.

The Meet

Charon meets Babylon during daytime in her old Bellevue penthouse that had burned down. She elaborates that she's planning on moving against Harlequin and the Master Shedim soon, but needs to ensure that they have no control over her anymore. To that end, her spirit pacted friend needs to be free, especially since she's tortured every time Charon breaks the rules. Babylon agrees after some grumbling.

The Plan

There's a week or two of studious research, going to the Tir with Belial's aid, the Captain of the Seattle Chapter of the Ancients. In addition, she takes a flight to Saskatoon in the AMC where PRiSM has an office to seek their knowledge on fae as well. In case this wasn't enough, she also checks what local universities have to offer. She gets a cursory understanding of fey politics, the factions, etiquette and also a decent alibi on why she's there - a future liaison between mortals and fae doing her job interview by trying to survive in the Seelie Court for a week. If she fails, she's devoured.

The Run

The run itself happens by asking Pump King Jack to help her out with an Astral Doppelganger; since Jack is capable of Masking, he masks himself as something Babylon would desire and performs a ritual with both reagents and karma that alters Babylon's and Gomorrah's astral signatures for six days. This gives them plausible astral disguises, which they augment with Physical Mask spells, Synthskin Masks and cosmetics. Getting merely acquainted with locals once they arrive to the Seelie Court through the entrance in Yellowstone takes three entire days despite Babylon's unearthly grace and charm.

Her investigations lead her to three of Treasa's estates, a court for handling official socialization, one of her personal lodgings as well as a magical study. Apparently the home is guarded by a stone barrier that she flaunts to be 'impossible for any fae to ever breach.' Babylon hits the magical research spire first, and while the gate is extremely difficult to solve, she manages to brute force it open, getting a minor migraine from a Masking Ward she didn't spot in time. A local Guardian Spirit isn't exactly the most loyal servant and 'accidentally' goes on patrol on the wrong side of the area while Babylon sneaks in, spotting various items such as foci, orichalcum, a chest laid in silver and wood and a hidden safe.

During her socializing escapades, she'd also discovered Niall O'Connor, a notorious mortal who dabbles often in Seelie Court affairs. Many suspect him of being an Unseelie agent, but he's never caught red-handed with anything. She asks for his help, especially after Gomorrah spots a scrying spell on Babylon, but Niall doesn't get directly involved and speaks in indirect figures of speech. He appears to offer some help if they can steal a magical cloak from Treasa's collection.

As it happens, that's what the chest ends up containing. Babylon swipes it after almost killing herself with a F15 Sunbeam to open the magical lock, then finds the safe to be a focus occupied by a powerful imp. She offers a F8 focus of Treasa's as another home and offers to give the imp a better life than being stuck in a safe, which the imp agrees to, being a treacherous piece of shit.

The safe contains a fake copy of the formula which Babylon alters ever so slightly to be incomplete. After that, she meets with Niall, hands him the cloak and in return he offers her some useful trinkets, including a key that contains the answer to the riddle of Treasa's stone barrier. With illusory magic, Babylon manages to fulfil the condition of the spell, requiring absolute darkness to meet brightest light. Vantablack and a Trid Phantasm works wonders. Once inside, she solves several more spells and finds a copy of the Baobhan Sith's formula which she alters again to be unusable. Eventually, she discovers a secret way to enter the basement and rips the formula out of the wall itself, freeing the Baobhan Sith and convincing her to leave with her.

The fey does give Gomorrah the Baobhan's Kiss to juice up in Essence a little bit, however.

Niall offers to use his artifact, the Ring of Truth, to wink them back into the physical plane, since they've struck a hilarious blow against Treasa and he finds it amusing.


Charon asks for Niall to hand her the cloak which can eliminate any allergy including that of vampires. Babylon sets her foot down and absolutely refuses for this to come to pass, so instead Charon eventually relents after a long-winded debate and relents, allowing Niall to keep the cloak for himself. She's a little deterred, but at least she's a step closer to freedom. Next up, removing the kink bomb from her head and then she's free to go rogue and track down the Master Shedim puppeteering her body.

Babylon's memory is scrubbed entirely of the whole thing with Alter Memory and generous use of Laes, but that's not a fireproof measure after all.


Note: Run Rewards are 20 x 1.67 Runtime Multiplier = 34 RVP

  • 50,000 Nuyen (25 RVP)
  • 2 Karma (2 RVP)
  • Social Chameleon at Chargen Rates (7 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • 1 Chip owned to Pump King Jack
  • 1 Chip owned to Melia Blake

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