Serial Arson around Seattle

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Serial Arson across the Seattle Metroplex!

KSAF Logo.png

Date: 5/29/2082 By: Carly Reeves

''12:45: An ash-covered street in the Seattle Metroplex, while it first looks like Puyallup zooms out to the neon signs and AR ads that fill downtown. The scene is Smokey and the rubble of a ruined building sits just behind the young red-haired woman with cyberlimbs wearing a KSAF pin on her vest. The signs of embers still linger in the air and signs of explosions and some sort of fight are clear in the early afternoon light. Knight Errant patrol cars, along with ambulances and firetrucks surround the scene, and curious civilians are busy taking pics and trid footage of the wrecked building.''

"Carly Reeves here with KSAF, standing in front of the alternative club "Darklands" which was burned down just over a half-hour ago. This marks the fourth such fire started within the last week. While the official statement of the Knight Errant Security Forces is that these are related serial arson cases that are perpetrated by a single group, the information that KSAF has gathered has shown no correlation between these cases. The latest two, this Darklands fire, and one two days ago, where it was believed that 85-year-old Cathleen O'Kane left a cigarette lit which caught the carpets while she was asleep, burning down her home in Tacoma. As well as the fire of a Federating-Boeing political manor on Council Island that was believed to be related to the crashing of DeltaAir Flight 04319 earlier this month. However with these recent fires, it is the belief of this news station that it is a related incident."

''A clip labeled "12:15" appears on the AR Feed, showing a group of four individuals, all vaguely human or elf-sized, but with their faces covered, dragging out injured individuals from the club and holding them down as they begin to write in pain and light aflame in the light of the sun. Two of the individuals stand and declare that "This is the punishment for those who sin before the eyes of the Lord, and who inflict their sin upon the innocents." before one takes out a knife and slice the ankles of the Infected and they run through the streets and out of sight of the currently-recording drone.''

"This group, though currently unidentified, are the main suspects in all four arson cases currently plaguing our city. Perhaps District Attorney Mark Donaghy is correct in his assessment that our streets have been unsafe for too long? Is this a religiously-motivated group, targeting those infected with the Human-Metahuman Vampiric Virus? Or is there another meaning that we have yet to see?"

"For KSAF, I'm Carly Reeves, signing off."