Set Sail for Plunder

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Set Sail for Plunder
LocationThe High Seas
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Bilge-Rat Jones
Wizard Goons
Heavy Goons
Shotgun Goons
Sniper Goon
Casualties and losses
Heather knocked out but alive Wizards, one Heavy and Snipers had their brains splattered on the deck


Bilge-Rat Jones does piracy! And has strange ideas about how a boarding operation should be conducted.


B-R Jones modified his boat into a rather strange boarding skiff, and hired some runners to go and do piracy.

The Meet

Due to the early hour of the morn in which the call was given, and the short time until the meet, the runners had to rush to arrive, Bollwerk crashing his bike and Bannerette running into some trouble with the police, but they managed to arrive on time. Heather, however, had poor luck with public transport, and arrived late.

Bannerette, who had sailed with Bilge-Rat Jones before, saw that he had heavily modified his ship, armouring it, upgrading the engine and adding cannons as well as a big red button, easy to fall on.

After assurances that B-R Jones would cover the runners if the job failed, the runners boarded the ship, B-R Jones returning to dock to collect Heather.

The Plan

Complicated plans and Bilge-Rat Jones aren't on the best of terms. The plan was limited to 'board this ship and steal things'.

The Run

After locating the ship and moving to an intercept course, Bilge-Rat Jones called to run out the bow-chasers and the spar torpedoes, and then Bannerette and Prince felled a guard with precision sniper fire on the approach.

Just before impact, B-R Jones smacked the big red button, and this activated a rocket booster that jumped the boat on top of the cargo ship. The guards were rather surprised, and the heavy firepower of the runners killed several of them in short order before the remaining surrendered, though Heather took a nasty burst from a shotgun and went down to Drain. However, during the fight, it was noticed that not only was the ship sinking due to having a twenty-metre-plus armoured boat dropped on it, the ship's fission reactor had been breached, and radioactive particles were leaking.

After hastily grabbing what they came for, the runners grabbed Heather and piled back on B-R Jones's boat, and he activate the rocket booster to bring them free, causing a major release of radioactive particles as he did.


The slightly radioactive runners made it back to shore after convincing the coast guard that they were rich idiots on a joyride.


20k Nuyen, or 40k in things other than vehicles (10 RVP)

5 Karma (5 RVP)

Bilge-Rat Jones at Loyalty 3 (5 RVP) (If you already have him, take 5 Karma)


Optional, replacing above rewards:

Perfect Time for Bollwerk (5 RVP)

Bilge-Rat Jones at Loyalty 5 instead of 3 for Bannerette (+2 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


What a fun time!! It was a lot of fun LARPing as a pirate with bilge-rat for the whole mission, and his boat did this CRAZY stunt. I think he might be legitimately insane but that doesn't change that working with him is a blast. Unfortunately for those other sailors, that ended up being literal, though. This kind of fun makes me miss being a marine, though we never got to do a ship boarding action quite like this one!


I accept that my share of plunder plus hazard pay is a good negotiation, however I was not ready for everyone to be cosplaying pirates

I do not usually shoot to kill on corpos, however, when they wear FBA they tend not to be cowed by gel rounds. So Ms. Bannerette took out a 1.5KM shot to deal with the heaviest of the heavy ones. Before Bilge-Rat Jones launched us onto the bridge nearly killing us instantly. After a brief struggle and killing the mages first as doctrine decided the ARES corpos ran for it, without their comms as I suggested. And then my flyspy's geiger counter went off, and Bilge-Rat Jones blasted us off the ship. We managed to get out of our gear just in time to tell the coat guard VTOL that we were on a joyride from Everett, the stooge bought it and we got back without issue.