The Doll's Tears

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The Doll's Tears
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Toxic Mages KE
The Doll's Tears
Toxic Mages
Toxic Spirits
6 Riggers
Casualties and losses
Toxic Spirits Riggers got brain damage


Saint Nick hires the runners to delivery September Christmas joy to the new gang in Sophocles inside Redmond. While in Sophocles, the party must defend them against toxic spirits.


After the events of An Underground Robbery, a toxic mage ended up with The Doll's Tears, and has been building up an army near Glow City. They attack the new gang in Sophocles that filled the vacuum that Pump King Jack left when he left this plane.

The Meet

Saint Nick offers the runners 8k each (Wychking wants Hurlg) to bring the 'toys' to the good girls and enbies of Sophocles.

The Plan

The team gets in a big Christmas truck and heads over to Sophocles. They're carrying illegal weapons with no licenses, so they don't fly their SINs.

The Run

While driving to Redmond, the team is followed by 7 KE rotodrones. They manage to distract one of them, but the other 6 attack as soon as the team passes into Redmond. After a tense fight in which Skimmer gets shot a lot, they manage to defeat the riggers in the drones. Wychking turns the truck invisible. Eventually they make it to Sophocles.

In Sophocles, the new gang is incredulous over being delivered their things by an actual group of Christmas workers - under Saint Nick, of all people. They ask if the team can help them with their problem, and the team eventually agrees. Wychking calls Orianna Cazador for some rating 25 plastic explosives, and they debate blowing up Santa Claus' truck in order to destroy some nuclear spirits.

Skimmer calls up Nameless and asks him about the behavior of these spirits. Nameless tells him that it is very unusual for the nuclear spirits to leave Glow City, and asks if something has caused them to leave. Together, the two of them manage to figure out that it is the doll that Cold Hands found and left in Glow City on the previous run. Nameless tells Skimmer that he will need to disenchant the doll to destroy it. Wychking calls up Woedica Kryptman for help, who offers to help... in exchange for some blood (and a favor). Wychking agrees.

Wychking's ally spirit Pain Girl searches for The Doll's Tears, and manages to evade the nuclear spirits via the power of protagonist powers. Two toxic mages have the doll. However, some time after they find the location, the mages have their spirits track down the foreign astral signature, which leads them to the truck filled with plastic explosives. Three nuclear spirits show up to fight! During the fight, they detonate Santa's truck filled with plastic explosives, and dispatch the three spirits.


The team tells the gang that they've done all they can, after dispatching 3 Force 8 Nuclear spirits. The Doll's Tears, however, was not recovered and the mages still have it.


  • 8k nuyen or double that in Hurlg or Depleted Uranium Rounds - 4 RVP
  • 18 karma - 18 RVP
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Wooh! Sometimes, Santa's lil' Helper get's to work some SERIOUS overtime. Imagine being shot at by six KE Drones with fully automatic weapons. Fun times, really fun times. Anyhow, after that the truck had to be scrapped; Wytchking came up with a great idea to load it up with lots of explosives to potentially ambush the spirits that were hassling the good folks of Sophocles. Radiation Spirits from Glow City at that. All in all, our companion mage made short work of pretty much everything, while I played target practice with my assault cannon. We decided collectively that going in to retrieve the cursed doll responsible for all these shenanigans would probably be better served by a later attempt with a combat heavy team. Must say, I do love working for Santa; he's got all the best times."


Being subcontracted to put down radiation spirits was an interesting experience.

...That truck bomb was loud.