The Wardrobe

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The Wardrobe
LocationChicago Museum Host
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Ice Cube
Black Rose


The team goes into a foundation, the paradigm for which is based on the Narnia films. They spend a few days exploring and digging through the paradigm, locate the files they're after, and make it home in time for tea.


Ice Cube gets wind of Chicago Museum's new displays on the effects of Goblinization on the city and it's inhabitants, and would like to go and see if they have any files about him and his husband.

The Meet

Ice Cube talks to some old buddies, as well as recruiting a techno to get him into the foundation, at the Daze. They discuss what Ice Cube is looking for and why he'd like to go, and Ice Cube agrees to pay them all ¥4,000.

The Plan

Go into the host's foundation, locate the archive node, retrieve the files relating to the goblinization, get out again. Hopefully without causing too much variance and getting the foundation to try and kill them.

The Run

Upon locating the access to the host's foundations from within the destination host, the team finds themselves standing on a beach, overlooked by a castle flying flags that they quickly match up with the advertising material they saw in the museum. They're in Narnia. They make some quick adjustments to their personas so that they fit in better. Doppel takes the garb of a Telmaranian soldier, Tanuki and Usagi both enjoying their already present animal personas, Rose adopted a very medieval-fantasy suit or ornate armour, and Ice Cube attempted to become a lumberjack, but instead ended up as a beaver due to some translation issues between what he wanted and what the host wanted.

They originally work under the assumption that the node they've found themselves in is the archive node, and so they descend to Cair Paravel's archives to start looking for the files. However a little bit of common sense and knowledge of how a host's foundation connects, they realise that actually this is likely to be a different node, as the trail only leads as far as the throne room, and not the archive itself. Upon investigating the throne room, and alerted by the behaviour of the denizens milling around, they come to the eventual conclusion that they're actually currently in the slave node, and that the denizens are just representations of the systems and devices that are slaved to the host.

Following the sleigh-tracks in the grass that are indicative of the movement of data, they are lead south down to where a Centaur stands, resplendent in breastplate and armed with a bow and a number of quivers, most of which were empty. Knowing that the Centaur was General Oreius, general of Aslan's army, they quickly figure out that this is probably the control node. They move on quickly.

The trail leads them East, down into a valley. The bottom of which is laid out as having once been a muster point for Aslan's army. The place is deserted, but the trail leads them into a tent that stand out from all the rest, resplendent in Red and Gold panels. As they enter Aslan's tent, the walls are filled with scrolls and books. Figuring this to be the archive node, they start looking for the files Ice Cube wanted to retrieve. It takes them a short while to do so, but they eventually make a copy of the files they're after. As well as this, Tanuki looks through the files for old Japanese love haiku's to whisper into Usagi's ear, Rose transcribes the host's copies of the Narnia Chronicles books, and Doppel copies a book on traditional Japanese fashion. They are then rudely interrupted by the noise of war-horns being blown. The host is under attack from a decker!

In the foundation, the host has decided to replicate this with a large spider, with which a number of Narnia creatures are doing battle. Although the team cannot attack the decker, Ice Cube launches IC at it from the security node whilst the rest of the team battles the spider. Rose calls upon the deep magic of Narnia to summon Suzanne's horn, allowing her to attempt to summon aid in their battle! After fierce back and forth between the team and the spider, a number of rock carrying eagles turn up, just as Tanuki bites it to death with his teeth. The decker in the host itself has also been dealt with, as evidenced by the return of the IC to the node.

From their, the team progress onwards to the great stone table, which Black Rose is able to identify as being the source of all deep magic within Narnia, so is probably the Master Node of the host. Upon attempting to create a map of the foundation, they find that the assumption was correct, and they are indeed rewarded with the location and identification of several of the nodes. With the location of the portal node in hand, and the files they came here to seek, they head off to leave the foundation and return to the meat space.


The team finds themselves back in AR, with the files they'd copied across. Nobody gets addicted to deep diving.


  • 8 Karma
  • Ice pays 3k per person
  • Rank 1 Knowledge skill: Host Design or Narnia
  • 2 CDP


  • A copy of the museum's files pertaining to him and his husband
  • Planes, cars, tanks and boats of the second world world

Black Rose:

  • A copy of the C.S Lewis. Books, only missing a small amount of data.


  • Fashions of Japan, a guide to the 6th-9th Centuries.

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