Times to Watch, Times to Act

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Times to Watch, Times to Act
Part of By Royal Decree
LocationPacific Northwest
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Treasa ke'Vedryn
Ares Macrotechnology Tir Affilated Group
Katherine Tyler
Air Crews
Ares HTR


Runners sneak onto a highly secured cargo plane and steal a mysterious shipment. They live, albeit with a bit of pain.


Treasa ke'Vedryn, local agent of the Seelie Court, has listening carefully to her spy network in recent weeks. While her goal is uncertain, something passed her ears that caught her attention. A package was passed into the local Ares distribution center. Not any known Ares product, it had little information associated with it. The only clear things she could uncover were that it was going to be moved fast, and people were being directed to not ask questions. Quickly, she called together a potential team, hoping to intercept the mysterious item before it left her zone of influence.

The Meet

The runners receive electronic invitations, passed through their fixers to them, inviting them to an impromptu breakfast meeting in Bellevue. RSVPing, the runners are slightly confused when they see the destination isn't a restaurant, but they move ahead anyway.

Meeting in front of a shabby, non-descript building, they faced a locked door and a camera. Once all of the team finally arrived, the door clicked open and an elf wearing a suit directed them inside.

Instead of a conference room, the door they opened lead to an unexpected site. As they passed through the door, they found themselves surrounded by an unknown shoreline, no civilization in sight as far they could see. The only marks of metahumanity was the wall and door of the building behind them, and a table set in front of them. A woman sat there, backs to them idly sipping a glass of wine. As the team gawked at the sights around them, the women gestured for them to take a seat. Breakfast would be served soon after all.

The Plan

The Run



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Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was very concerning. Hopefully, Treasa doesn't seem like the one to openly lie about what she's doing with the thing.