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Centaur Wheelwoman
Able to fend for herself on the matrix and on the meat
Street Cred3
Public Awareness5
D.O.B.14 April 2056
FolderTrample's folder
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - E
Resources - A

Character Information


Trample is a centaur in the sixth world, this means that to most official entities she is considered as a pet at best. But she gets by, working as a Wheel woman and doing runs to finance her life while she is looking for a partner she had to leave behind and who ended up in Seattle.


  • Find her partner she had to leave behind when she was freed.
  • Get an official SIN, and be recognized as a sentient being as many others are.


  • Get her fixer, Prof Riley, to mentor her in trying to get better at computer or cyber-combat.


  • Show the world that the shadows are a force for good when the culture is right.


Trample originates from the CAS, where she lived in a nomadic herd. Growing up, she was named "Breathless currents" due to her tendency to be brash and reckless, sometimes scoring incredible feats of bravery on a split second descision but more often than not tiring herself out in the process. She had a middle position in the hierarchy of the herd, granting her a level of training above simple hunting : she was going to be a protector wielding one of the few combat weapons they had to defend themselves against external threats.

During her puberty years, she was designated to guard and set-up a camp on the periphery of the safe territorry, to isolate young females during their yearly cycles and "keep the peace" in the herd. The camp being lightly protected, it is often a target of badly intentionned groups of Metahumans looking for easy money. Most of these attacks are pretty easily pushed back due to the often inadequate equipment of those groups in the forest.

A fatefull day however, the camp was attacked by a team of experienced poachers, as soon as the camp had a reason to belive it was under attack, Breathless Currents sprung to action and started swinging her ancestral polearm at her ennemies, striking down one or two and getting the attention of the attackers while the rest of the herd scrambled. Soon enough, she started to feel light headed, as a sleeping dart had striked true in the begining of the confrontation, it was not long before she fell to the ground and passed out.

She woke up in a cage, with two other centaurs she recognized from her herd, one was slightly younger than herself and the other an adult protector, which was obviously wounded at her front legs. The months that would follow they would be "trained" with techniques that could be considered torturous and exposed in a back market circus in the CAS. Their malnourishment chronic abuse led to an incident on a set, as the older protector broke her leg and it was judged too pricy to replace, they led her out of view before a detonation was heard. From then on, they were only the two of them and their bond would only grow.

Months passes with little really changing, their bodies wasting away and moral at the lowest. In the middle of what seemed like an average afternoon however, detonations made themselves heard from a corridor connected to the room containing the cages. Faster than they could process the events they were seeing a sam and their team barged in, shooting in the corridor while a decker started looking for and unlocking the cage of a seemingly normal critter. The decker then started making it's way back towards his team, but made eye contact with Breathless currents midway, to which she responded with a cry for help in the bad, broken english she learnt over her captivity. Taken aback by the experience, the decker had a time of hesitation before deciding to plug into the lock of their cage contrary to his team's instructions. Ten seconds later, the door opened and without waiting, Breathless currents was out, but her partner was too weak to come at this point.

With no way to move her, and the runners moving out quickly, she promised that she would come to free her however long it would take and nuzzled the young one before taking off and running after her benefactors. They were pinned as cover fire kept them from counter-attacking, but Breathless currents, in her usual fashion galloped right in. Seeing her come the decker DDOS'd the ennemy's gun just in time for most bullets to miss as she barelled straight in the middle of the corridor, utterly trampling the shooter in the process and quickly finding her way outside.

There, a rigger was waiting for the team, that ended up taking her with them to their bolt hole. With this team, Trample would get her runner name, first jobs and train, accompanied with the team's decker who took her in as somewhat of an apprentice. Over the next two years she would hone her skills and learn about the matrix as well as english, with time better and better jobs came to her untill she deemed herself ready to take on freeing her partner she had to leave behind. Her instinct led her to seattle and it's larger area, now she has to turn up every stones on her way to finding her.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Apprentice - "Trample was born with a spark of magic, that she never exploited really. She is naturally drawn towards Guidance spirits, and Manipulation spells"
  • Stunt Driver - "Ever felt like doing stupid things in moments of pressure? yea i love those too"
  • Centaur qualities - "As a centaur i have the ability to see heat, AND in low light. And my hooves are painful with all of my weight ! But the best thing really is that i have a knack to find anything, like that i never loose my keys !"
  • Sensei - "The Prof. Riley is managing the cybercombat cursus of Trample in exchange for her having a exam with the Zoology Dept twice per month"
  • Closer, Rabble Rouser, Fame (Local, Seattle) - "Trample is a known activist around Seattle, often publicly calling out corporations about their secret and illegal activities. She has a knack for talking under pressure and inspire groups of people"


  • CodeBlock(Reboot Device) - "I really never quite could force devices to reboot, i'm only good at shutting them down for a long time."
  • Disheveled - "You ever saw centaurs with elegant clothes? yea me neither, but i try !"
  • Distinctive style - "Punk music is my lifeblood, and as such it's normal that i look accordingly. Fuck the man, go punks !"
  • Driven (find her friend back) - "I will come back and rescue the one that i had to leave behind, whatever the cost."
  • Favored (specific target, Biased) (Evo) - "Evo is one of the only place to recognize me as an equal to meta-humans, and for that they are better than most."
  • Addiction (Kami, Cereprax) - "Goddamn DRUGS man !"

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Museum of PlightSleeveyLight the Shadows15 June 2082
Spitting in the Eye of ProgressArchtmag13 June 2082
0 to 60Scranton13 June 2082
K-10 Use in My Fight Club!?PatGriffinDead Gods Stir13 June 2082
Swamp ThingsNoctis12 June 2082
Tales From the Grease VatPatGriffin8 June 2082
Raging BullSarcarianIt's Always Wednesday in Seattle4 June 2082
Caravan TrainSleeveyLa Famille Du Peintre3 June 2082
Orchid's Past BetrayalAurora3 June 2082
Black Hawk DownZerre de SeattleTwo Steps Ahead3 June 2082
A Sea Of OpportunitiesScrantonThe Cradle Of Betrayal2 June 2082
Murder at the TheatrePatGriffinShadowHaven Shutdown1 June 2082
Night of the MoonbornDraknic27 May 2082
To the Head of the MatterAurora15 May 2082
Brassica Oleracea By Another NameAuroraA Scattering of Deadly Petals9 May 2082
Blood Kite EggsAuroraBaker Wars4 May 2082


Member of a centaur herd in the CAS


Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Professor Riley 4 3 Fixer Fixer Matrix Jockey, Above And Beyond, Tenure, Corporate Espionage, Awakened 0
Bagrak 1 2 Service Doctor Street Doc, Awakened Medicine 0
Darla Geas 2 3 Gear Techno Adept Sculptor You're so... Uninspired, Flash of inspiration, Studio regulars, Technomancers stick together, So, uh, where'd you get all these limbs? 1
Phantom O 4 4 Service ??? Chaos for Chaos, Man in the Lighthouse, Anthrodrone Delight, An Army at my Back, Born of the Matrix?, Did you say chaos?, Social Media Following 1
Axolotl 5 4 Fixer Sneaky Snake Metasapients, Aztechnology, Metaplanar Guide, Talislegging, Corporate Security, Magical Security 1
Xandra Barkirkis 5 2 Custom (K,N,G,A) Genesis Magical R&D Backstabbed, Olympian Adept, Genesis Bioware Access, Shaper Of DNA, Unethical Interests, Ms World Wise, The Personal and the Professional, Aztechnology Connections 0
Lt.Cmdr Yennefer Kerrigan 6 3 Fixer UCASN Officer UCAS Naval Officer, Logistics Command, Research & Development Head, Family Pedigree, Military heritage, Incredibly Intelligent, Engineering Savant -1
Commander 2 3 Custom(N,G,A,K) Black Ops Veteran Old school Operative, JURY Protocol, Nascent Spy Network, ANVIL Protocol, Shady Dealing 0
Danny Hoffman 5 3 Custom(K,N,A,G) Special Operations Coordinator Espionage Expert, Ares Executive, Company Man, Smuggling Routes, Dissident Watcher, Orbital Overwatch, Disposable Assets, Arcane Evaluations 0
Greasy Eddie 2 4 Custom(G,A,K,N) Mechanic Look pal, this ain't my stuff, Mechanic, "Gimme 24 hours", Everett celebrity, King of the grill 0




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Trample's Guidance Spirits

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Trample is a centaur known in Seattle for having called out one of the DA's "light in the dark" campaign funding partner on their illegal crimes during a public fundraiser. ((See media mentions.))

She also have a very distinctive punk style. ((See image))

3 She's often seen at venues for underground punk groups enjoying party vices, she also has carried out multiple public call outs. She is seen often with a roadmaster transport. There is records of her applying for multiple Matrix security cursuses.
6 Trample's Avatar has been seen in multiple Brute Force hacking operations, correlating with her Roadmaster often appearing close to the hacking site. She lives in north Redmond and regular orders of Cereprax and Kamikaze seems to get delivered to her by various gangs.

She has old accounts on dating hosts that she tried to wipe, seemingly trying to find other centaurs in Seattle, without success. She also is a untrained magic Apprentice.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Frag, she's gonna get herself killed with a bullet in her head one day with her "ideals". Can't she ever shut up and do the job without putting her team in danger ??
3 She's even addicted to Kamikaze ! Just imagine how it is to see her run at you with that in her veins ! At least, she's a serviceable Brute Force Decker and good getaway Rigger.
5 She's true to the reputation of centaurs, she might be brazen and egotistical but she won't put others at risk for her shenanigans. She also is pretty exceptionally connected, somehow.


BURNED [R4] Fake SIN - Ride With Waves, EVO-issued [Driver's Licence|Cyberdeck Licence|Restricted Cyberware Licence]


Trample's Portrait
Trample's Modded Roadmaster
Trample's Roadmaster Luxury interior


Matrix Persona

Trample's Personna

Media Mentions

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