Unconventional Trade

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Unconventional Trade
Part of It's Always Wednesday in Seattle
LocationAcross Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Black Vory
KE´s narc division Black Vory´s rivals (currently unkwown)
Blue Crow
- -
Casualties and losses
None None The whole ambush squad save for one (who is having a nice chat with the Black Vory)


Runners bamboozle KE´s best high threat response teams, the whole narcotics department and manages to eliminate the B.V opposition while en route to the safe house.


The Black Vory was receiving a shipment of dangerous chemicals (Dread and Seven-7, among others were included) and have asked our team of runners to defend the merch and deliver it to the designated location.

The Meet

The meet was in a Vory club called "THE VIBE" and was unremarkable save for a few points, a mole was found leaking important information on the arrival of the shipment, which could spell disaster for the runners as well as the KE´s narcotics team being on the Vory´s tail.

After a bit of negotiation the team managed to squeeze a deal with a weapons dealer as part of their payment.

The Plan

The team did their homework by inspecting the warehouse in the docks where the shipment would arrive both in meat and astral space, during this they managed to catch a glimpse of an undercover cop making the rounds, after planning entrances and escape routes, the team ended up with a better idea on their hands, Roadie called his friend Hedge, which would in turn, put them in contact with the corrupt harbor master, which would "accidentally" move the cargo to a completly different warehouse, thus doing a baamboozle on KE´s inteligence.

A hefty bribe later and team was setting up a new warehouse to get the chemicals.

The Run

After arriving, picking up the cargo, dealing with a pesky fly spy drone, bullshitting a KE officer into believing that Vulcan was a deep see drone (with nothing more than Vulkan being itself, a tarp and some rope)and convincing (cough cough, bullshitting) her that there was ABSOLUTETLY NOTHING ILEGAL IN THE SHADOWRUN MOBILE (LANDRAIDER TM), the runners were on their way to the safe house, the highest of fives were had and the team thought they were in the clear.

But one unaccounted detail came to try and bite them, the rival gang knew they were coming, made a blockade in the barrens and laid in ambush with teams spread out and Anti Vehicle rockets ready for THE LANDRAIDER (TM), after a quick but brutal fight our favorite mercenaries dispatched all enemies save for one, who would be taken as a prisioner and given to the Vory as a sign of friendship and good faith from the runner´s part.


The deal was done and everyone was happy, rewards were recieved and the Vory were thankful that they had a new friend to chat to.


+20k nuyen

+12k gear budget for weapons or drugs, 1 karma OR 16k nuyen Spec Mods, 1 karma

+3 Black Vory Rep.

+2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


A solid plan, a good team and an incredible execution (backed up by a bit luck), made this run a sucess!