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Result The team was able to secure the artifact and kill the toxic mage
Factions Involved
Lucky Lee
Commanders and leaders
Gobbet Balthazar
Casualties and losses
9 possessed devil rats (F4 radiation spirits), 2 demon rats, Balthazar


The legendary shadowrunner Gobbet, now an old ork lady, hires the runners to recover her signature magical artifact The Shiny Object, which was stolen from her home a week ago. In addition 24 hours ago before the meet, a viral video popped up on the matrix of a Pizza delivery guy being chased and killed (off camera) by a bunch of devil rats.


The meet took place at Betty Chan's bed and breakfast.


The runners tracked down the artifact by first following the lead of the Pizza guy video and investigating the "Flying Sausage Pizza" shop in Touristville and then detecting the toxic signature described by Gobbet, the team followed the trail into the sewers, witnessing swarms of rats being drawn towards a certain direction. Following the trail and killing some rats out of disgust, the team earned the ire of Balthazar the thief and toxic shaman that stole the artifact. The team battled the bound spirit army of the shaman possessing devil rats. Badly injured, the team retreated for a while for first aid and then pushed on, eventually ending up in the Rat's nest where they tracked down Balthazar and two demon rats controlling swarms on regular rats. They fought and killed the toxic shaman and recovered the tainted shiny object returning it to its rightful owner Gobbet.


The runners thwarted whatever nefarious plans Balthazar had and Gobbet's faith in the shadows was reborn.


20,000 nuyen. 8 karma. +10 rep with Yelllow Lotus triad

Player Characters

Captain Frefall

WFTP max. Initiated (IG2)

Lucky Lee

Initiated (IG1)