What Does The Fox Say?

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What Does The Fox Say?
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Col. Julia Fulton
Katherine Tyler
Red Rain
Casualties and losses
None A few dead, several severe wounds, the rest pressed into involuntary service


The UCAS Military became aware of a smuggling operation, and the J Col. Julia Fulton, wanted a them to pay "taxes" (to her).


Diplomatic tensions have been rising between the UCAS and the Salishe-Shide Council due to recent incidents, and the UCAS Military needs to deal with a Salishe smuggling operation affecting their operations without worsening relations further.

The Meet

The team walked into Ft. Lewis (the UCAS military base in seattle), and Kate was made fun of for her CAS accessories. Bannerette recognized the colonel from a previous mission Sioux for (not) peace. There were special circumstances surrounding Red Rain, due to her being infected. The J offered 28k if they succeeded in getting her a cut, and 22k if they were just eliminated.

The Plan

Locate the smugglers and convince them as non-violently as possible to "pay their taxes"

The Run

The runners located and surveilled the smugglers for about a day, and then started a fight with them with maximum violence. It began with kate walking up attempting to talk, but goaded them into attacking. Bannerette (in an overwatching sniper position) then blew a sawed off shotgun out of the hand of an opposing guard, and combat began. Red Rain pulled in with maximum speed in a VTOL and started deleting combatants, and Hextech rolled up in a tank and deployed terminators which lived up to the name.


The remains of the smugglers were forced to repair their operation and pay the fee.


28k nuyen - 14 RVP
2 karma - 2 RVP

-15 Dogmen Rep
-10 Komun'go Ring Rep
+8 162s Rep
+5 UCAS Army Rep


IG Discount
Trust Fund 1 for -5 RVP

Can Join the Huk - Made Man for -5 RVP
+5 Huk Rep

Red Rain:
Speed Demon for -3 RVP
Instinctive Hack for -2 RVP

40k in vehicle/drone mods for -10 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That Col. Fulton really must have a thing for me. Maybe she really meant that promise she made last time about reinstatement? Either way, I'm wise to her scheme, so I took the liberty of skimming a little off the top for myself as well. Also, the CAS veteran had a big mouth, but I think I could maybe get along with them if they stopped making so many UCAS military jokes. In fairness, I won't stop calling them cowboy names, so maybe its about even.

Katherine Tyler

Freaking mages man. That fire was rough. I had hoped they would at least hear us out, but that was apparently wishful thinking. I admit I may have lost my cool there for a second. I despise working for the UCAS, but the money is worth it and I can usually depend on them to be professional Johnsons. Bannerette was cool, I'll admit. I'm used to the Southerner jokes so it wasn't too bad. She may not be my particular flavor of military, but Marines are tough as they come.


Loose cannons. I approve of more runners with military backgrounds; they're solid working companions. If I had the materiel, I'd include some more electronic support for their sake. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to cooperate with them quite as much as I'd like this time around. The OBJ was relatively straightforward on approach... however, once the spirits were involved, a somewhat obvious glaring flaw manifested about the mechanized infantry attacks. At least I took the heat off our frontline, but in the future I should look into... perhaps Blight dispensers within the vehicle itself? That may prove handy. It was fine working with Kate again. She's somewhat rough around the edges, but reliable. This Bannerette individual... precise. I hope I can work alongside them some other time as well.