Alfonso MacGuinness

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Alfonso MacGuinness
Combat Adept
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.April 1st, 2056
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


A human raised by his ork distant relatives in Oakland who learned to fight and embraced much of their own culture, and raised by his great-uncle to be a boxer. He might have done so too, going semi-pro and being told by a gang to throw the match only to have someone bet on him for him, and then fight his hardest. Winning the match, he was beaten by the gang after wards and might have ended up dying outside the stadium had the man who ended up being his teacher as a martial adept, not shown up and intervened. Where did the winnings go? His whole plan from the beginning was to use it to pay for his younger cousin's university, and specifically to get her to a city 'safer' than San Fran for a while.


-Make Money and a Comfortable Living

-Make a name for himself as a runner.

-Make enough money to help his extended family back in Oakland.

-Find out what happened to his actual parents.

-Master the arts of an adept.


What does it mean to be family? Do you have to look like the people you call family? Talk like them? Even be closely related to them? These were the questions which Alfonso MacGuiness was forced to face from the tender age of eleven years old, when his third cousin Enrique, a venerable old orc who had been in the Dallas-Fort Worth sprawl which Alfonso had lived in at that age was someone he met at his Abuelita's funeral.

When Enrique introduced himself as his third cousin, Abuelita's nephew, Alfonso didn't know what to make it, but mama and papa hugged Enrique and treated him the way family was supposed to by tradition. It was over the next few days that mama and papa talked to cousin Enrique again while they visited with him still in town, and before Alfonso knew what was happening he had his meager bags packed and he was set to drive back with cousin Enrique, who given tradition he was already calling Tio by then.

Why? The memory was still kind of foggy, and he only occasionally got to talk to his parents afterwards, but to put it simply? Abuelita wasn't dead of old age. She had died because someone fired a high explosive round on the house when Alfonso had been at school and his parents were out on business. It wasn't some accident, but rather Abuelita had been targeted to get at his parents.

So Alfonso McGuiness found himself in San Fran, and not just in San Fran, in Oakland. Where he thought his relatives and family were small, he soon found dozens and dozens of relatives, and more who found him and tried to make him feel at home. His family never treated him different from the rest, despite the fact he was a human and all the rest of his proverbial clan were orks.

But see, while Oakland had plenty of humans in it and all, and despite his family being connected to the city for nearly a century now, Alfonso was targeted by local troll and ork toughs trying to make themselves feel better. If they could catch him alone or with his little cousins, they'd harass him, call him names, even try to claim he was some sort of poser trying to steal their cultural identity. Time and time again, they'd call him things – especially the highly assumptive and wrong, WASP, and the normal sort of derogative terms that came about, they'd steal whatever small amount of nuyen he had on hand – literally just go out of their way to make his life worse. Bigger than him despite being the same age, they thought it'd continue for a while.

But Alfonso was a fighter even then. He didn't want to have to tell why the nuyen he had been given was gone, or have to explain why his little cousin never got that freeze pop because the local wanna be ganger bullies harassed them.

So he swung, and he swung hard. Hard enough to break the well kept tusk of the gang of bullies, and he survived the beating that group gave him after. He thought it'd be the end of it, and indeed had sworn his younger cousins off of telling about his fight, but the older orks in the neighborhood had seen what happened, seen how he acted, and soon his Tio Enrique introduced him to a big african american orc who almost looked like a troll. Enrique and this man, who's name was Reginald Waters, were old friends and Reginald had heard on the grape vine about what had happened.

He told Alfonso he wanted to train him to be a boxer, and if it just ended up teaching him to defend himself in the neighborhood, so be it – but Reginald saw potential in the boy, and he knew potential, he'd won and coached several semi-pro and pro boxing matches of his own in his day.

The years rolled on, with Alfonso spending his time helping at the family's Tiendita, getting what public eduction was available, and when he wasn't doing either of those things, training to fight. As he grew and his reputation grew, as the neighborhood came out to see his matches, he'd hear time and time again both from his relatives the Ortiz family and from neighbors in general. “That's our boy!” “Go Alfonso” and more. In English, Spanish, and Or'zet he heard those words again and again, and he made the neighborhood proud. Proud enough even some of the Bloody Tusks gave him a nod, or bought him a drink, or a pat him on the back.

So he fought on, and by the time he was 20 he was moving up the ranks and even getting scouted to have an almost professional match up in Seattle. One he was proud to be apart of, until he heard the words from on high. The gang known as the Ancients owned the venue the match was on, and they were in charge in part of broadcasting the match? They had brought him up to lose. They were going to hype him up, dragging people in, especially with the story about how he was a human who fought like an Orc, and then he was to throw the match against the Elven boxer they had him against, and let them collect those vast profits. They'd give him a stipend for his travel, and a cut for throwing the match.

Problem was, Alfonso loved fighting but even he knew that Boxing was going to end up getting him ended sooner rather than later, and he still felt the need to protect his extended family. His little cousin Maria? She had passed tests with such high scores, and such high a magic affinity, that even MIT&T was offering her a full ride scholarship. So Alfonso had told Reginald to take all that money from winnings he had kept in a saving account for Alfonso, and to bet it all that Alfonso'd win, take the winnings and give it to the Ortiz family, but half went to Maria, to make sure she was safe and secure even so far from the family.

Alfonso fought the match of his life that night, and he did what he set out to do. He won, despite all odds and being told not to. He even got it out to the parking lot before the gang jumped him and proceeded to beat him, almost killing him.

But before the Ancients could kill him an very old looking Oni metatype Ork showed up and proceeded to beat the whole gang up without even a weapon. Snatching up the bruised and bloodied Alfonso, he spirited him out of there and inevitably became his martial arts teacher as Alfonso waited for the heat to die down, and this fellow, who called himself Ketsuryū Nakajima.

In that time, Ketsuryū explained that he had seen the fight, and believed Alfonso had greater fighting potential than he knew. And after Alfonso had been healed up in his care, Ketsuryū took him in as his student. Nearly four years later, and Ketsuryū feels he has passed the way of the adept on to Alfonso, and sent him to return home.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Bilingual and Linguist - Alfonso has been around multiple languages from the earliest time in his life, and because of this – and his parents both speaking English and Spanish and making sure he could too – he slowly began to pick up smatterings of other languages too, with an ear and hunch for picking up what folks were saying.

Toughness and Quick Healer - Growing up in Oakland, Alfonso got in plenty of fights with Bloody Tusk wannabes when he was younger, and plenty more fights after his talent for boxing was shown. From it all he's become very willing to fight on longer than others might, and heals better than others might, too.


Bi-Polar - It might be something he's always had to deal with, it might be an issue that arose after he'd been boxing too long, but for whatever reason, Alfonso's got a chemical imbalance that requires him to take meds to stay stable between manic or depressive sides.

Coconut Allergy (Mild, Uncommon)- No, he doesn't care how much you swear by that triple frape soy boba tea with coconut milk. He is allergic to Coconuts and all products made with it.

Prejudice (Elves)- Despite not being born originally in CalFree, Alfonso spent his formative years there, and on top of that spent around his Ork extended family. Few actually promoted hate on the elves, but he could still see how much better the average Elf lived compared to the other Metahumans; and he may have read a bit too much Or'zet Fantasy tales written to counter the classical Lord of the Rings style Fantasy. Especially Broken Tusk the Brave. So he has a bias against Elves.

No Man Left Behind- Something he learned instinctively as a youth in Oakland was you never leave your chummer, or even someone working with you, behind. You look out for them and try to do what you can do to help them.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
The Most Urban Brawl 3: A Nice Clean MatchSleevey30 June 2082
Clinic Over BudgetAuroraHail to the Pumpking28 June 2082
Velociraptor Equals Distraptor Over Timeraptor 2: The Lost WorldSleeveyThe Cretaceous Clash23 June 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Juan Ortiz 3 4 Custom (G,A,N,K) Bloody Tusks Sub-Gang Leader Wow, do you know the Horsepower on these things?, Mean Right Hook, Gang Leader, Lawyers, Guns, and Money Even
Ace Powers 6 1 Fixer Horizon Talent Agent Musical Talent, Corporate Deals, Keep it Classy, Fake SINs, Insider Knowledge, Horizon Agent, Hired Muscle Even
Dr. Velo Clementine Raptor 4 2 Custom(K,G,N,A) Velociraptor Mad Scientist Dweller Dwelling, SURGEd Critter Scientist, Critter Translation, The March of Science!, "As a genius, I know what that does!", Zoo to Army Pipeline, "With my superior raptor intelligence, I can craft anything!' Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


Name: John Reyes (UCAS)

Fake SIN R4

Firearms License R4

Adept's License R4

Bodyguard's License R4


Tall for a human, with broad shoulders and an equally broad face, Lanky with compact but well-toned muscles, medium length black hair and striking blue-grey eyes. He keeps himself clean shaved when it comes to a beard, and often has a smile on his face.


Alfonso "Wasp" MacGuiness typically wears clothes which keep himself not looked at much, middle class at best jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and boots generally. Keep eyes off of you and trouble won't find you either, something he'd been taught even as a child.

Matrix Persona

Alternates between a human male in a black and yellow hoodie and jeans, or an anthromorphic cartoon bee with boxing gloves.

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