Bellevue Blunders

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Bellevue Blunders
Part of Get off our Lawn
Factions Involved
Game Over Gang


The runners became aware of an attack on their neighborhood.  A gang, the Game Over gang, was trying to claim their neighborhood as its turf.  The gang appeared to be all women, dressed in very bright neon colors.  They were playing absolutely terrible music.  Corporate drek.

The runners fought back, and defeated the attackers.  They saved two hostages.

With the fight over, they investigated who was behind the attack, and got some leads.


The runners were already on edge.  Someone named NeoNeon had attacked Usagi, and most of the haven, with a virus that caused their user name to cycle through names intended to embarrass the runner.

The runners were having quiet evenings at home when two cars of gangers pulled up to the neighborhood corner store.  Two gangers went inside, and two remained outside.  AR tags began to flood the neighborhood, even as they began to physically grafitti the store.

The runners who were home that night made their way to the store.

Each took a moment to 'gear up' for trouble, choosing what to wear and what to bring with them, to defend their homes.

The Meet

Usagi arrived first and began to try to talk the gang into leaving peacefully, but one of the gang members got right in his face, holding a gun to his neck.

Usagi alerted the neighborhood via DNI, connecting the friends.

Tanuki and Rambozo arrived next, tearing down the road in Tanuki's vehicle.

Moth walked up next, rallying them over the DNI with inspiring words.

Kani had to wait for full sunset, and kicked open the door to the 2nd story balcony of Wolf House, and took up a sniper position.

The Plan

Everyone wanted to defend their home, and make sure the neighborhood was safe. And learn who was behind the attack.

The runners began with a goal of using non-lethal means.  A focus on disarming the gangers and getting them to surrender.

But it became clear that the gang was there for murder.  Specifically with silver weapons to try to kill Kani.

The Run

It was quite a battle.

The Game Over gangers appeared ill informed as to who exactly lived on the street, beyond preparations to kill a vampire.  But they were well equipped.  Expensive gear, suggesting corporate levels of funding.

Usagi subdued one ganger, convincing her to surrender, and faced down a drone that was shooting a lot of guns. He shrugged off all the gunfire, taking only the slightest damage. He destroyed the gun drone with a devastating attack.

Tanuki initially focused on taking out the vehicles, disabling one quickly.

Rambozo dropped a striker rigged to explode into the second vehicle, and then fought with two gangers out front of the store. They appeared to have no idea who he was. He began by grappling one, but she proved to be an adept and hit him with a powerful touch attack, though he largely shrugged it off. He managed to knock her unconscious, but the second ganger in front of the store kept fighting him. Even trying to kick him (nutcracker style) when she was disarmed.

Kani had managed to disarm the two gangers in front of the store by shooting off their gun belts, bricking their guns, and causing their pants to drop to their ankles. She then shot a sword at of one of their hands, embedding it in the side of the store. She jumped down to the street to continue the fight.

Moth kept encouraging everyone to work quickly and to really shine, while not killing anyone unnecessarily.

The stakes were raised by several events that happened next.

First, a third vehicle approached and hit Kani with a flash bang grenade coated in silver, catching Moth also in the radius of the blast. Silver!

Then, it became clear that there was an invisible attacker. Something on all fours?

Then, the runners fighting their way to the store realized that there were two hostages inside. The store's owner and Inigo, a sweet kid from the neighborhood who had been friendly to the runners.

Kani became totally focused on the vehicle launching the silver grenades. She hit it with a powerful gun blast that completely destroyed the vehicle, ejecting the nearly dead rigger.

More drones and rigger-controlled attack devices rained down from the sky, rendered useless.

Usagi walked right between Rambozo and the ganger fighting him to get into the store, and caught sight of the hostages.

Kani ignored the invisible attacker, knowing she was much faster, inspired as she was, and had several actions more before it could act again, and ran over and got a trauma patch on the nearly dead rigger.

Usagi and Rambozo coordinated to attack the two gangers holding the two hostages. Usagi shot one through the mouth, cleaning severing the spine, so the body would not twitch and pull the trigger on the hostage. Rambozo used stick and shock to knock the other unconscious, while pushing the woman still fighting him out of the way so he could take the shot.

The two hostages were saved! But Inigo was so incensed that he grabbed a pair of scissors and looked like he was going to attack the unconscious ganger. Usagi intervened and got Inigo to back off and run home to his family, before the boy committed any violence.

Moth and Tanuki kept rallying the runners to keep doing what was needed to save the neighborhood and the innocent hostages, helping make it all possible.

The invisible attacker clawed at Kani. Silvered claws!

Kani was able to knock the invisible attacker unconscious. It turned out to be a shifter panther, with silvered claws and silver in her fur.

There was now only one conscious ganger left. The one who had been fighting Rambozo, and was mostly wearing green. Surely she would not last long against the team. However, she put up a darn good fight. She managed to make it to the not yet destroyed car to try to drive away. But the runners knew that Rambozo had rigged it to explode. Moth convinced the woman to abandon the car. The woman jumped out of the moving car, but knocked herself unconscious in the process. Rambozo blew up the car.

Moth noticed that the woman had a beeping light on her wrist band. Something? A bomb?

Tanuki deployed his drone to take the brunt of the bomb blast.

But it was not a bomb! It was an evac sequence triggered by her falling unconscious. A drone came sailing past and top speed, grabbing the woman in green and the shifter panther with the silver claws, and vanishing out of sight.

Kani really wanted that panther captured. She concentrated and just managed to track the trajectory of the escaping drone. It was going towards the Swedish dome.

Moth called Jormungandr who lived there, to see if they could pick up the drone's trail. By luck, they were outside when the call came in, and able to shoot the fleeing drone with a trackable arrow, that pierced the leg of the woman in green.

Tanuki and Rambozo chased after the drone, hoping to trace it to the gang's leadership. They tracked it to Lake Washington. Rambozo realized that the drone had dived straight into the water. Tanuki used his knowledge and exceptional analytical powers of observation to realize that there was one yacht present that was actually a military vehicle frame, re-skinned to look like a luxury yacht. This particular military vehicle was well known for having a submarine port - an underwater enter point. This was where the drone had fled. Tanuki's spy drones were able to collect a lot of identifying information about the boat, including that it was owned by a SpinGlobal subsidiary called EnergeticEngineering.

Usagi, Kani, and Moth checked to make sure that the neighbors were unharmed, and then began interrogating the captured gangers and the captured rigger. Moth led the interrogation. The two gangers revealed that they were brand new members, recruited in a chat room to show up at this event to prove themselves. A kind of initiation. They only knew that they had been hired by a decker they had not met. They did obtain the ganger's commlink to see if a decker could learn anything from it. The rigger revealed that they were specifically a vampire hunter hired by the decker who was indeed NeoNeon - the same one that had attacked Usagi with the virus on the haven. NeoNeon had access to their cyberware. They tried to trigger a bomb with rapid eye movement, but Usagi caught on, and stopped them, applying pressure to one eye. It sounded like NeoNeon would kill them if they left the faraday-guarded interrogation room. The vampire hunter was not being paid. NeoNeon was controlling them by hacking their cyberware. Kani began to drain the rigger, and realized that when they were down to one essence, that triggered the trap. Everyone was able to jump clear, as the rigger exploded in a rain of silver. But they had learned that NeoNeon was a corp kid, and had a better idea of her methods.


The runners have learned that NeoNeon is behind the attacks, and is a corp kid, funded by SpinGlobal's EnergeticEngineering division. They have identifying information for her yacht. They have a commlink with communications from NeoNeon to a ganger, in case anything can be learned from that. They are listening, through their contacts, for any other news.

Moth called her papa, King Midas and told him all about the attack, and how the runners had helped defend the neighborhood - including her, and her house. He will be listening for news of the gang. He rewarded the runners for helping to protect his daughter.


8000¥, 6 karma, King Midas at L 1, 2 CDP
For those who already have King Midas as a contact: 8000¥, 6 karma, 14 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Moth here. This was my 17th run. Can you believe that a gang would attack my neighborhood? With all of us that live here? I feel a little safer seeing Usagi, Rambozo, Tanuki, and Kani in action. They are formidable. Really formidable. And just think if Dandy had been over - he would have helped too! I am surrounded by incredibly dangerous people. But they are good. In their way. Everyone tried so hard to talk the women down. To disarm them. To knock them unconscious. But once they attacked with the silver grenade and the silver claw, it was clear they intended murder. Particularly to kill Kani. Though, honestly, they nearly knocked me out with just catching the radius damage from that grenade. I couldn't have survived many of the attacks I saw tonight. It is a very good thing I did not have to face that gang alone! It was super nice of papa to pay everyone for looking out for me. And for being such good neighbors!