Bell-Red Street

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Bell-Red Street
Location CreatorDarklordiablo
ArchetypeRunner Community
NeighborhoodOn the Bellevue side of the Bellevue-Touristville border
Background Count0
FactionBell-Red Neighborhood Watch


Isn't it strange how, in such a large city, many of the runners that congregate in elite groups like ShadowHaven just happen to live near each other, with no planned intent?
That's what Bell-Red St, in Bellevue is. Somehow, a large proportion of the Haven community lives on that street, or near it. It's uncanny.

Most people in the area have no idea what makes their streets safe at night, why very little of the chaos of Touristville bleeds into the district. For that safety, they tend to put up with the oddities that some of their neighbors present. Like the raging parties at that poolhouse, the shambling people who look far more dead than alive, or the forest that just sprang up in one of the properties down the street.

Distinctive Features

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There are sidewalks, and a dog park within walking distance.


The Wolf House

Deimos, Kani and Purkinje own two neighboring addresses on this street, which contains a modern three storey home, a futuristic barn, and what is quickly becoming a dense forest.
It is known as the wolf house, as hidden amongst the trees is a pack of wolves owned by the three runners, wolves who are often heard on cloudless nights, howling at the moon.


Moth lives in a pretty two-story house several blocks down from The Wolf House, and a few doors and across the street from Boom Poom and Tupelo. There is a beautiful swimming pool in the backyard. Her house is beautifully decorated in white, black, and silver colors in the interior, and the layout is designed to support entertaining. Lots of comfortable seating. An excellent sound system. Dandy visits frequently. His truck is a common sight in the driveway. Her bodyguard Heavy Metal also makes regular visits, and is often patrolling the neighborhood on his motorcycle.

Moth has moved in with her boyfriend in Snohomish, but maintains this house for entertainment purposes. Blume lives there now, maintaining the house and helping to prepare it for any parties or other needs for the property that Moth might have.

ウサギの避難所 (Usagi no Hinansho/Hare's Refuge)

A two story brownstone style house, narrow and possessed of a quiet if old fashioned sort of dignity. Usagi lives here with his foster daughter, Abigail Shipton. The home has a small observatory attic over the top floor, a balcony extending over the back yard, and a modest amount of garden and yard space.

Tanuki and Rambozo

At the end of one end of the street that is closer to the rest of Bellevue is Al's Garage. The sounds of the garage indicate that it is in fact a business still in use. Above it, accessible by a set of wooden stairs kept in reasonably good repair, is an apartment above the old time white-brick garage, is the apartment of Tanuki and Rambozo.

It is a four room apartment, complete with a front room, a kitchen/dining space, a bedroom and a bathroom. The Ikea-style furniture is not particularly notable, but comfortable. There is large blackout shades over the windows, an artifact of before Tanuki had his geneware. The coffee table has an odd piece hanging over it in chains; a Ares VTOL engine, a Christmas gift from Purkinje. Rambozo's robot maid, Lydia, busies herself with various tasks left by the perhaps less than clean men. Most of the apartment's surfaces and blank spaces are filled with various tinkering clutter from the rigger, and various effects from the clown. Despite their back and forth about the clutter, both of them knows where everything is. There's been discussion about a pet, and perhaps a bigger place on the street.

The Very Ordinary Home Do Not Disturb

Crypt3ch and Sc4rl3tt live in a medium-sized one-story home in the middle of it all. The house is largely nondescript with drones regularly maintaining the property. Conveniently high hedge walls provide enough privacy for the decker and technomancer to work from home. Were it not for Charlie, Crypt3ch's pet Abrams Lobster who can be seen frolicking around the property from time to time, it would be hard to tell anyone lived there at all. Recently, they have bought up the lot next door and put in a dense forested area surrounded by privacy hedges. Occasionally, a howl can be heard from the wooded area - most likely the frolicking of Sc4rl3tt's pet Cerberus pup, Maddy.

Boom Poom and Tupelo

Tupelo and Boom Poom live together in small, one story home, closest to Moth's a few doors down and across the street. The entire house is wheelchair accessible to suit Tupelo's needs. The house on the inside is entirely decorated with music and hockey memorabilia with one room as a dedicated music room containing all of the instruments Tupelo owns and uses in any given performance. There is also a hanging fixture in their living room of a decommissioned missile taken as a souvenir from a run they were on where they both nearly died.


Twitch was convinced to look at a house on Bell-Red when he realized Dip was going to get big enough to require a yard. Deimos was kind enough to point out there was a house available on the street. He has ended up situated only a couple doors down from the Wolfhouse and across the street from Usagi.

The two-story, 3 bedroom house is sparsely furnished with low-end furniture, having basically taken the furniture from his apartment and moved it over. The living room does, however, have a state of the art trid system.

Twitch is currently looking for a roommate.

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