Boardroom Bloodbath

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Boardroom Bloodbath
Part of Murders and Acquisitions
Date20th - January- 2079
LocationBellevue, Seattle Metroplex.
Result Murder of a corporate business meeting
Factions Involved
Cerberus Security Solutions
OzTech Microsystems
Casualties and losses
8 Cerberus Security Personnel
8 Oztech Microsystems Employees (Frank Zep, Samara Juan, Horatio Poole)


OzTech Microsystems are in the middle of crunch time. They're developing a smaller, more efficient competitor to the Renraku Sensei. Someone wants this disrupt this, by murdering the marketing and R&D executives working on the project.


Mr Johnson tells the team to meet them at penumbra, at 8:15 on the dot. Marionette learns this while escaping from a russian team that burned down his campsite.

The squad arrives on time and finds Goldeneye in a private room. He tells them he needs a boardroom wiped out, with no survivors. The team try to muscle some extra cash out of him, but don't manage to pull it off.

They agree to the job and start to do research. However, the Shotozumi-gumi have tracked down Photon and attempt to intimidate her. They plant a stealth tag on her van and get the Kenrai-Kai to follow it on the wild goose chase she's leading them on. She murders one of the yaks who starts following her by ramming him and incur the wrath of the Kenran-kai.

While she's dodging the yaks, she calls up her fixer, who gets her in contact with Slippery Sam, a dirty carwash dealer. She manages to find safe haven there and the team continues on.

The team then manage to do some more recon and identify the spider of the facility. They follow him, KO him and disguise as him. John socially infiltrates the building while Grimoire crafts a devastatingly powerful fireball preparation onto a needle, timed to go off 10 minutes into the meeting.

John then manages to socially infiltrate into the boardroom, scanning the area for bugs as a Security spider. He finds a recording device and pockets it, while putting a pin into the bottom of a basket of fruit. The Watcher spirit and Water spirit fail to see it and the bodyguards and executives file in.


The bomb kills 7 out of the 8 executives, who is quickly slaughtered by a firespirit and rotodrone. The runners then scarper out of there stealthily and head to the docks where they get paid by Arthur.


16,000 Nuyen, 3 Karma

+1 Rep to Goldeneye

Player AARs


Record Date: 1-20-2079

Record Tags: [Shadowrun], [Oztech], [Wetwork]

First run in conjunction with the Haven organization Ellie put me in contact with. The Johnson was apparently a repeat customer with the organization, and he seemed to have some regard for the team. Job was a hit on eight high-level execs at Oztech Systems, and the J supplied a time and place where the targets were known to be meeting. The room was heavy on protection, and given the number of targets, the plan was to infiltrate and plant a timed explosive. Clean-up and plan B involved turning the room into a shooting gallery from the outside, penetrating reinforced glass. The team's decker never showed (going to have to ask Ellie if the Haven is known for that), so we needed a solution for matrix threats. Team decided to take care of the site's spider the night before the hit, which went off smoothly. I assumed the identity of the spider (note: SIN and ID cards are attached to this report, but target is currently incarcerated and the IDs deactivated. Possible use as a decoy or red herring later.) and entered the facility using his identity. The bomb was magical, courtesy the team's alchemist, and the lynchpin a small needle. The plant went off cleanly, but a third-party bug was discovered in the room. (Note: bug is cataloged in secure storage, schedule a follow-up investigation). The external security team brought to the meeting was ineffective at detecting the lynchpin, and the subsequent explosion succeeded in eliminating 7/8 of the targets. Plan B was executed immediately, and a fire elemental completed the job. The payout went cleanly, though only the Johnson's personal security showed.

Action: The responsible party for the bug is currently unknown. Lead should be followed in case the Johnson is involved or Haven has an active secondary threat.

Action: The run has been recorded and cataloged. The Johnson is sensitive to this data and will react negatively to its release. Footage archived for leverage in case of trouble.


Chainsmoked and theorycrafted a good plan. Seemed unneeded for the rest so stayed out of the way. Easy Nuyen.