Gangster Life, I Choose You!

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Gangster Life, I Choose You!
Part of Hail to the Pumpking
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Pump King Jack
The 162s
Sweetie Sinful
Cutter Forces
Casualties and losses
Sweetie's immune system... maybe? Undisputed control over Sophocles is lost.


A little runner squad arranges a mild alliance between Pump King Jack and the 162s.


Jack's been preparing to do some sort of party for Halloween. Unfortunately his past turf has been taken over by Cutters due to runner intervention. They're less than amicable to his machinations, so he's going to need to do some house cleaning.

The Meet

Jack's waiting at his parking lot in Sophocles, juggling his head around. The fourth runner fixed to meet him, Disorderly Construct, takes a quick check to ask other runners what they think of Jack's machinations. Zenith answers his queries across ShadowHaven by stating a firm suspicion and refusal to work with the spirit, which causes the man to leave the meet. The remaining three accept Jack's job once he offers it: to get the 162s to push the Cutters out of Sophocles, lest they ruin his upcoming festival.

The Plan

Jack only has a meager bit of intel, due to the Starscreamers being all but annihilated. He mentions knowing of a 162s member running around Redmond with an ambulance -- they may have a boss that could help organize an assault. The Matrix specialists, C0ff1N and 8133d3r check security cameras, APBs, polcie frequencies and social media with Matrix Searches to find information about this. Eventually they find information regarding Zigzag, the woman in question. They track her ambulance to a Crime Mall in Redmond. Time to go pay her a visit.

The Run

Once the team arrives, they avoid getting swindled basement access by a troll weapons merchant and instead look up floor plans to find an accessible elevator. The damn lift refuses to get them to the lowest floors due to requiring authorization, so the two Matrix specialists ensure that access is spoofed. Rumors speak of a 162s base being under this Crime Mall, and it's exactly what they find upon the doors opening.

The receptionist is well aware of Sweetie Sinful, having subscribed to her OniFans. She's a little curious as to what the oni is doing here, and Sweetie very politely requests to talk with Zigzag. The receptionist groans and agrees to arrange a meeting, so long as the group behaves. They meet in a somewhat barren room, paint falling off the walls as Zigzag meets the team with some finger food. Literally. Sweetie tries not to get attracted to Zigzag's looks and just barely contains herself.

Sweetie mentions the offer by Jack and asks if Zigzag can help, but the driver strictly refuses as she's just a grassroots member and isn't in charge of such things. She offers to call her boss about it, however. Said boss soon arrives, introducing herself as Corpseman. Corpseman triggers not only Sweetie's but C0ff1n's attraction, both trying to restrict their fawning as they repeat the offer Jack has made. Corpseman's not too convinced at first, not really seeing what the 162s has going for them in this deal. While it is true that they dislike the Cutters, they also have nothing to gain by attacking them and the sheer numbers Seattle's largest gangs have would mean a smaller group like 162s would be slaughtering themselves against the Cutter forces.

Sweetie offers to help out however they can and that Jack could probably help out in some way if the ghouls agree. Reluctantly, Corpseman agrees under the condition that the team primes a useful spot for assault by tricking them into looking the other way.

Sweetie, 8133d3r and c0ff1n head to Sophocles' northern border, parking a block away from a Cutter safehouse and the Matrix specialists get to work on hacking the local host while Sweetie fetches them some snacks and keeps a lookout. It's a tense few moments of hiding in the host and subverting the infrastructure of host-slaved traffic cameras, commlinks and other sensors. With the help of Brodie J they get a Horizon AAA studio editor to doctor some footage of Knight-Errant raid trucks which the duo then inserts into the local camera feed, along with false klaxon sirens. The Cutters start rushing to evacuate their illegal hardware, prompting the 162s to sweep in with gas grenades and toxin-immune gangers, getting a brutal sneak attack to begin a gang war that the corporate-like Cutters will be ill inclined to take part in.


Jack is happy. The 162s get food. Cutters are sad. Somewhere out there, Kevin Crimes is cursing at OH THOSE DAMN RUNNERS!


  • 10 Karma (10 RVP)
  • Player can only choose one of the following gear rewards if they want; reduce karma gained accordingly:
    • Maersk Spider + 1,000 Nuyen (9 RVP)
    • Ruthenium Polymer Cloak R4 (4 RVP)
    • Tactical Grapple Gun + 1,000 Nuyen (3 RVP)
    • Halloweener Elite (Shiawaze Blazer) w/ Internal Smartlink & 1800 Nuyen (2 RVP)
  • Zigzag, 1/1 Ghoul Ambulance Driver (1 RVP)
  • Pump King Jack, 5/1 Halloween Spirit (5 RVP)
  • Corpseman, 6/1 162s Girlboss (6 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

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