It's a Heist bro!

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It's a Heist bro!
Part of Cross Flight Love Fight
LocationFirst National Bank of Seattle, Downtown Seattle.
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III
Cecelia Cross
Bank Security
Bank Security (Meat)
Bank Security (Matrix)
Bank Security (Magic)


After losing his commlink, Brodie J wants the runners to recover the commlink that was previously stolen from the safety deposit box that it was stored in.


In The Play's the Thing... Cecelia had the runners steal Brodie J's commlink while he was on a date. The commlink that was stolen happened to contain many of the new designs for Federated-Boeing Aerocraft. Once she was done with the commlink, Cecelia used one of her family's contacts, one Ser Virgil of Quebec, to store it in the First National Bank of Seattle. Deciding that she could make more use of it if it was back in Brodie J's hands and such leaked the location of it to Brodie J's contacts.

Cecelia also makes a call to Babylon before the meet, and uploads a file onto her commlink, saying that she'll appreciate it if Babylon can covertly install the file on Brodie J's commlink before handing it over to him.

The Meet

The runners met up with Vee, one of Brodie J's bodyguards outside of E-Vue, with Babylon and Skimmer disguising themselves so as not to be noticed by Brodie J. Unfortunately, they do seem to be recognized by Vee, however the tension is eased by the arrival of Oathbane, Relay and Charon. Entering the high-end club, Brodie J is busy on the dance floor until Vee calls him and he descends. He heads towards the runners and sits, the pill-like booth closing off and silencing the outside world. Brodie J offers the gamut of drugs from his special case to the runners, some of whom take advantage before they get down to business.

Brodie J explains that he lost his commlink and it ended up in the bank's vault in a safety deposit box. Since Brodie J wasn't supposed to misplace the commlink since it was Fed-Bo property, he needs the runners to retrieve it from the vault without causing as much as a scene as they did the last time he hired runners. Brodie J offers 10k for each of the runners for this task, but thanks to the negotiation skill of Charon they push him up to 20k. He pushes that the job should be done within 2 days, and lets the runners hang around as much as they want and join the party, but eventually they head off to Relay's cave.

The Plan

Returning to a safe place, Relay and Oathbane take to the Matrix in order to find out some information about the First National Bank of Seattle. They find that the bank is owned by Aztechnology and run by a man named Tethys Mitchell. They also learned that there was a troll who had opened the account at the Bank to store it in a safety deposit box. In their Elite Tier safety deposit box which included a voice-recognition sensor and two Maglock keys needed to open. Oathbane also discovered that there was a security spider on task, using a similar persona to the one that she had battled in Party Quarrel. Finding a hidden host that might hold more information, but intimidating by it's Rating 8. She attempts to put a mark on it and is rebuffed, deciding that caution is the better part of valor and leaving the Matrix.

Babylon steps outside the cave and makes a call to Cecelia Cross. Inquiring if the placement of the comm was her doing. She denies it, but offers up information in return for a favor. Babylon agrees and she receives two files: the number of the safety deposit box: CCT404, and an audio file of the troll the group had identified speaking a phrase in French "Pour la Croix" (For the Cross). After she feeds the deposit box number to Oathbane and tells her to take credit for recovering it from the host, the team discusses their options and believes that they need additional help in order to complete the job. The group runs through their contacts and decides to subcontract Jowls, a social adept with the ability to change his form.

Jowls arrives and gets a rundown of the plan, including a private conversation with Babylon, agreeing to give him a favor if he gave her the commlink before handing it off to the rest of the team. Relay, in an attempt to cover the rest of the team during the run, got into contact with Brodie J and was sent a Fairlight Caliban with a limited use Attack dongle. Much to Babylon's disappointment, Brodie J did not send his personal commlink to the professional criminals.

The group reconvened the day after to drive by the bank in order to begin the run.

The Run

Oathbane entered first, due to her Skinlink ability to hack the SIN scanner built into the entrance of the bank. Ensuring that it didn't register anything when Babylon walked in and checked the magical security. She found three Awares in the lobby who were looking for magical threats, she also discovered that the vault and entrances were covered with mana barriers. The hallway was also guarded by two armed security officers with assault rifles, and an Aware behind bulletproof glass to make a last check of anyone who comes into the vault isn't hiding anything on the Astral. Skimmer and Relay wait in the vehicle with Babylon ready to provide backup in case things go loud while the social adepts do their thing.

Jowls and Charon enter the bank and successfully con the teller, getting them to call Tethys Mitchell in order to get him to open the vault so they can check on their safety deposit box. After an hour of waiting, Tethys arrives and, while a little suspicious of Jowls' disguise, cannot see through the deception and leads the two down towards the vault. As they exit the vault, the Aware is unable to pierce Charon's masking, however they do spot that Jowls is awakened, which Ser Virgil of Quebec is not, and questions him again. Making up a con on the spot, Jowls begins to talk about a procedure where worms are surgically inserted into you and they cause you to Awaken. With help from Charon the lie is successful, and the two of them are escorted into the vault and to the hidden vault where the safety deposit box is located. The faces manage to trick the maglock and the vocal recognition and claim the commlink for themselves.


Jowls meets up with Babylon in a nearby Stuffer Shack and upload Cecelia's file to the commlink before heading back to E-Vue to meet up with Brodie J. He receives the commlink and quickly checks the contents before paying the runners and offering them to stay and party some more.


  • 2 CDP
  • 20k NuYen (10 RVP)
  • 1 Karma (1 RVP)
  • Optional for Relay: 1 Fairlight Caliban (2 RVP)
  • +1 Federated-Boeing Reputation
  • For Babylon: +1 Cross Applied Technologies Reputation
  • Optional Contact: Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III: Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III (3/2) (4 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Mostly I just stood around and tried to look intelligent, as I was surrounded by so many big brains. Came up with a couple ideas that made the run a cakewalk at least. Not bad brain work, at least for me. Good to see Babylon again, and are ties to Cecelia definitely paid off in the long run."


Amazing. Not one week after Skimmer and I steal that Brody J idiot's commlink, we both get hired to steal it back for him - pure serendipity, you just love to see it. I felt a little bad he didn't get to shoot anyone or pull off another social con, but honestly a 20 grand payday for hired muscle work where you don't expend any bullets seems pretty nice; hopefully I'll get to see him in action again soon like that time against the 'weiners. As for the others, Charon and Jowls were smooth talkers and pulled off the plan perfectly (also, it turns out vampires really know how to party!). Relay and Oathbane were great for the planing and execution too - I hope she isn't still mad at me about that stuff on our last gig. I thought this was going to all fall apart at a few points and we'd have to straight up rob the bank, but things turned out smoothly and I even managed to get Cecelia's file onto that link. Hopefully that ogre calls in his favor soon, I was glad for the help. Can't wait to see what these two do to eachother next.


Felt good working for Brody J again, even if he is always high on soemthing, but working with Babylon is always a pain in the ass, but rather not deal with whatever she is doing and i will laugh when everything falls onto her. but overall it was a fun job.


Legwork makes the dream work. We knew what we needed and what would stand in our way, thanks to Oath and the bank's terrible public interface. After a few calls, a fellow runner capable of fragging up their face to match a picture joined us, and it was just a perfect addition to make the plan work. I'll have to keep Jowls in mind.

We got paid to steal back a commlink some of our fellow runners had clearly taken previously, so we're just dipping our hand in the cookie jar a second time. Sticking it to the wealthy never feels too bad--you make a little scratch and they're not going to miss it. I know Babylon is hiding something from us, but it didn't seem pertinent and--frankly--I'm never sure I want to know. There are already...members...of our little organization that I've got creative differences with. I'm not sure I want to open the Pandora's box of that one.

But, right at the end there, Babylon drops a bomb on me. A fraggin' shadow spirit found its way back to our plane. It needs to be dealt with. It tried to take over the Halloweeners before...we'll see what it decides to do this time.