Jave Cohnson And The Lemons

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Jave Cohnson And The Lemons
LocationSeattle, Snohomish
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven EVO Subsidiary Portal Science
Black Rose
Boom Poom
Tractor Beam
Water Spirit
3 Rotodrones
Unprepared Guard
Casualties and losses
Water Spirit, 3 Rotodrones, Unprepared Guard, Jave Cohnson's career


Jave Cohnson hires some runners to get revenge on someone who sold him some lemons, via burning her house down.


Jave Cohnson got sold several lemons of vehicles*, and demanded to speak to Gladys' manager. Gladys told him that she WAS the manager, so he went back to his company and had an engineer or two develop a combustible lemon. (Turns out it's just a lemon with plastic explosives stuffed inside). He then decided to hire some runners to take his revenge!

  • Turns out the tractors just didn't disassemble the way he wanted for his Tractor Beam.

The Meet

The runners meet Jave at Pour Iton, a bar just over the border into Snohomish from Everett. He's the CEO of Portal Science, a subsidiary of EVO. They find him plastered out of his mind and sitting on a crate. Throughout the conversation Jave shouts that he's going to burn down Gladys' house WITH THE LEMONS. He's upset that Gladys sold him several 'lemons' of tractors, and Keelback susses out of him that he got them to build a Tractor Beam. During the entire conversation, he's an absolute ass, though Keelback and Harebuck are able to get him to agree to pay them 2k more than the initial offer, for a total of 16k nuyen. Jave Cohnson then gives them the crate he's sitting on, filled with 'combustible lemons' and detonators shaped like lemons.

The runners then decide to betray Jave.

The Plan

  • 0. Take a nap
  • 1. Contact Journalists
  • 2. Contact Gladys, inform her of plot against her
  • 3. Get Lemon/Fire Insurance for Gladys
  • 4. Burn down an abandoned property after making it look like Gladys owns it
  • 5. Steal Jave's Tractor Beam
  • 6. Burn down Portal Science
  • 7. ???
  • 8. Profit?

The Run, Part 1

Black Rose gets in contact with News Van Dan through her fixer Raine Pentsworth. He says he wants to meet in person, since conversations over the matrix aren't secure. After getting their location at Solace, News Van Dan picks up Black Rose and Harebuck and drives away. Meanwhile Boom Poom and Keelback are napping. News Van Dan gets the impression that the runners are legitimate contractors for the 'Imagineer' of Portal Science, and that the runners are also whistleblowers against the new product: the 'combustible lemon', which is very unsafe for the public. He agrees to take their story!

Keelback Karens the Customer Support of Gladys' Tractors and Farm Equipment to find out that Gladys has gone home for the day. After a matrix search to get her commcode, Keelback passes the commcode over to Harebuck. When he calls, it rings and goes to voicemail. Harebuck asks Keelback to HotF and then Trace Icon the commlink, and they get a location for Gladys in Everett.

Harebuck and Black Rose head to where Gladys' currently is. Harebuck gets stopped via the SIN scanner, but is able to convince the KE guard that the information is wrong. Black Rose and Harebuck go to the house Gladys is currently at, and knock on the door. A man's voice answers and says they don't want to buy anything. Black Rose says she has a secure package to deliver to Gladys, which freaks the guy out. He asks them to wait half an hour, and they do. Thirty minutes later, the door opens. Gladys is in the parlor and looking very annoyed. Black Rose tells her that Jave Cohnson is targeting her and her property, and Harebuck fills her in on the plan. She says she'll give the runners an extra 6k each if they make sure no one leaves the property that they burn down. The runners decline, but promise not to tell anyone about her request.

Harebuck goes to the Soybucks inside the burbclave while Keelback and Boom Poom enter the burbclave. Boom Poom gets his SIN flagged on entry, and has a drone assigned to follow him. He goes to the Soybucks to hang with Harebuck while Keelback edits the footage Black Rose has of the conversation with Gladys.

Afterwards Black Rose and Keelback head to Gladys' house, and see the mailbox with a heart on it: "Rebecca and Gladys Cook". After Rebecca hears from Keelback about Jave Cohnson's desire to burn her house down WITH THE LEMONS and about the fully operation Tractor Beam capable of firing full-sized tractors. She barely manages to hold it together as she packs her car for the next 43 minutes with Black Rose's help. After she leaves for her father's place with Keelback, Black Rose breaks in, turns on the gas, sets the lemons, and walks out. The house explodes. Harebuck and Boom Poom remain the Soybucks for a while after the explosion.

The team calls Jave Cohnson and reports the job done. He's completely hung-over, but pays the team.

The Run, Part 2

Boom Poom calls Dane for a safehouse in Snohomish. Black Rose climbs over the wall around the Portal Science compound and uses rope to get Harebuck and Boom Poom over as well. Keelback is in the safehouse to provide matrix support. While the three infiltrators are approaching the compound and dropping lemons, a bound water spirit spots Black Rose who initiates combat. The team manages to take out the rotodrones and the water spirit, in addition to scaring away the night guard. However, then the Tractor Beam rolls out of the building.

The Tractor Beam, a machine that takes whole tractors as ammo, grinds them up, and fires them in a stream as slivers, has come out to attack the runners. Fortunately, they manage to punch through the window on the semi-truck the Tractor Beam is attached to after a couple of close calls. From there, they manage to turn off the Tractor Beam and drive away with it.


Jave Cohnson's career is finished, with the lose of Portal Science and his Tractor Beam. The party's fixers are upset that they attacked a J so soon after a job, but are more than placated by the ability to strip down and resell the parts of the Tractor Beam to various corporations.



Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Sweet jaysus that was a weird one. We get hired for Citric Arson (great band name, E remind me to use that later), so we go to warn the lady and do our Hooding thing but then the lady hires us to burn her WIFE down?! What the <Expletive Deleted> is wrong with capitalists? Seriously. So we save HER and she's like Oh let me save my THREE FRENCH HORNS or what the hell ever, also Boom and I get Harrassed for Walking While Surged, thanks private gated community, and then there's raiding the facility to try an' steal a tractor beam that shoots actual tractors and I honestly cannot tell you where the drek we went wrong in all this.

Capitalists, man! Guh!