Puff had a plan

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Puff had a plan
Part of ShadowHaven Shutdown
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
KE Runner Group hired by an other Dragon
Flyspy Swarm
F11 Guardian Spirit
Combat Mage
3xnormal Runners
Spuky Deltaware Sniper
Spuky Rigger Support
Casualties and losses
all of them (not the Spiders) none


The Runners are hired by Puff to retrieve evidence in a murder case of a mob boss from a KE facility downtown. They scout the area but are observed by a group of runners. After an attack on the facility, they discover that one of their escape vehicles is unusable. However, they still manage to escape with their bot.


It turned out that Puff once again hung out with his Aztechnology friends some feathered snakes. One of these sneaky feathered monsters tried to abuse Puff to gain control of a mafia family. The head of the family Luigi Formache is currently being held in a murder trial backed up with fairly irrefutable physical evidence. However, the trial is delayed because of the events surrounding the Renton DA. Since the conniving snake doesn't want to open her purse wide, she sells the idea to Puff, who, because of his cordial nature, assumes it's his idea. The feathered snake hires some cheap runners and puts two of his superior experts on the runner team that is hired by Puff to pick up the loot after the runners have done the dirty work.

The Meet

The meeting will be held at Purple Haze downtown. Puff pays his respects in his Fomori stallt. He has rented the restaurant completely so that no one else is present and offers the Runners not only food but also Deep Weed, which to his disappointment is refused. He explains his excellent plan to the Runners and after some negotiation they can all agree on a price for the action.

The Plan

The team retreats to a runner's pub and begins to learn everything they can about the KE facility downtown where the evidence is being secured. Thanks to physical observation, matrix searches, and the use of contacts, they are able to get clues about a new experimental defense facility, a patroling Guardian Spirit, surveillance drones, and the building plans. During their research they notice that they are being watched. They are unable to apprehend the observer, but they are aware that they are also being monitored by drones. Nevertheless, the group takes action and sets up their plan. They use one of their cars as a getaway vehicle and at the same time moor Rabbit's bot near the coast in case they can't disappear with the car. With the help of magic drugs and SmUT, they plan to enter the facility and secure the evidence as quickly as possible and disappear again. Since the facility is in a AAA zone downtown, HTR's response will be swift and decisive.

The Run

The runners proceed as planned. They manage to get to the door unnoticed. The door is opened and a gas grenade is thrown inside. Then the runners enter the building. Unfortunately, due to tightened security measures regarding the DA situation in Renton, half a team of HTR specialists is on site. While Rabbit enters the host, disables the swarm of drones and quickly leaves to secure the evidence, Bannerette and Skimmer are busy fending off the HTR team and Guardian Spirit. Bulldozer presents himself as an interesting target by firing a missile at the HTR team. He takes quite a beating in the fight and by the time the team manages to overwhelm all the opponents, Bannerette and Bulldozer are close to passing out. However, Rabbit manages to find the evidence quite quickly, also thanks to the favorable mana aspect. The team grabs the evidence - tries not to blow up any of the land mines in the building and runs to their getaway vehicle. In the distance they can already hear the sounds of three approaching HTR helicopters. Unfortunately, the runners discover that their car has been rendered useless and that a ringing commlink is lying on the engine hood. Bannerette grabs the commlink and the runners run on towards the bot. An unknown man answers the commlink and offers to guide the Runners to another getaway vehicle if they leave the evidence in a side alley. They also get the hint that the unknown knows about the boat. Rabbit accesses the boat's sensors and is able to spot several figures who have set up an ambush nearby and bombed the boat. The team decides not to take the unknown man's offer and runs to the boat where Rabbit secures the bomb's trigger and Bulldozer, thanks to his impressive figure, is able to send the unknown men fleeing. Together they manage to dive with the boat and escape from the HTR team.


Puff is very pleased that the runners were able to carry out his ingenious and perfect plan. Thanks to the evidence, he can now fall back on a smaller mafia family and use them at his will. All for the benefit of the David Cartel, of course.


47 (7 hours run)

  • 40.000 Nuyen (20 RVP) or double for Gear (Magical, Vehicle, Drugs, or Weapons)
  • 22 Karma (22 RVP)
  • 12 CDP (5 RVP)

Optional (from RVP above):

  • Puff C9L2 (10 RVP)
  • Delta Clinic Access (15 RVP)


  • 2 Ranks of Though as Nails (10 RVP)


  • 1 Rank of Though as Nails (5 RVP)


  • up to 8 Anti-Vehicle Rockets / Missels for Gear Reward Price

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

"Wait... Puff is a magic dragon? That's awesome! I always wanted a dragon friend as a child, and now I got one! This is so great, I'm sure nothing bad can come of it. I feel kinda sorry about shooting those HTR folks to death, but they really gave me no choice in their cheater mil-spec armor. That's really why I carry the Barret now, to deal with the cheaters... But I digress. It's super cool to have a dragon as a friend, and I hope we become as close as my relationship with Nameless and Saint Nick. Who knows, maybe he'll let me go for a ride on his back sometime?"


Well, turns out we were working for a dragon. They always say to never make a deal with a dragon, but... he did give me a really good chicken fajita. And dragons are just, so cool! It's not quite like my favorite fantasy stuff, since that usually involves slaying a dragon, but I think there are maybe one or two legends about a knight or a warrior allying with a dragon. I doubt I'd fit into the princess role anyway. Whats weird is that other runner team, what a group of rank amateurs. They just... ran away? I mean, I guess we would have probably killed them if they didn't, but it seemed a little cowardly to me. I wonder who hired them...


"got quite badly beat up by those Railgun rounds.. well at least got few scars, but damng am tired."