Wednesday Night Blues

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Wednesday Night Blues
Part of It's Always Wednesday in Seattle
GMKorean BBQ
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Knight Errant
Evans Doyle
Casualties and losses
Two officers in a vehicle explosion, four in a crash


Sc4rl3tt, Uber, Century, and Doyle are hired to smuggle a large box of K-10 from a warehouse in the Barrens to a gym in the Downtown district.

The Meet

The team arrives at a drug distribution warehouse in the Barrens to find a large crew dispersing crates to various couriers. The Johnson, wearing a ballistic mask, informs them that he needs a box of drugs moved to an abandoned gym in the Downtown district for a payout of 20,000 nuyen per person. He provides a pre-planned route, which makes Uber strongly suspicious, and says that he will offer a 10,000 nuyen hazard pay bonus if the team runs into serious resistance from the police or gangers. The team eventually agrees to his terms and are given the box. Uber realizes that this was K-10 and informs the team. After Sc4rl3tt mentions that she was paid in K-10 on her previous job, Uber pulls his chemistry kit from his car and runs a test, determining that they were from the same source.

The Johnson offers to loan an Ares Roadmaster. Uber plans an alternate smuggling route which avoids the Barrens in favor of more formal police checkpoints, as the Johnson mentioned that people were onto the drug smuggling operation.

The Plan

With the Johnson providing a heavily equipped Ares Roadmaster disguised as an official Ares delivery vehicle, the team decides to split the group into a low profile vehicle and a high profile vehicle; Uber and Sc4rl3tt ride in the smuggling Shin-Hyung with the K-10 in the smuggling compartment, while Doyle and Century would ride in the Roadmaster with most of the weapons. If the Roadmaster is targeted, the Shin-Hyung is free to escape and complete the mission or ambush the attackers. Uber would slave both vehicles and all drones to his RCC while Sc4rl3tt would slave all other devices to her living persona. For checkpoint clearance, the Shin-Hyung would be the lead vehicle and claim to be independent contractors ferrying the Roadmaster to a downtown warehouse due to huge number of Roadmaster purchases in the last few months.

The Run

The first checkpoint from Redmond into Bellevue is cleared without issue, with the guards buying the story and letting the convoy through.

The second checkpoint from Bellevue into Downtown is guarded by four heavily equipped KE personnel. Prior to their arrival, the Roadmaster's knock-off chameleon coating starts to glitch, prompting Uber to panic and request Sc4rl3tt check his RCC for marks. Sc4rl3tt finds no marks and examines the chameleon coating firmware, discovering poor code, and fixes it before the Roadmaster gets close to the checkpoint.

Uber comes off as suspicious while he's trying to fast talk the officer, and both he and Sc4rl3tt were asked to step out of the car. They complied, as the smuggling compartment was unlikely to be discovered. The KE officer manages to pop open the smuggling compartment and the team decides to go loud. Sc4rl3tt bricks the searching officer's gun and one of the pursuit vehicles, while Doyle and Century open fire with stick and shock. Uber and Sc4rl3tt jump into the Shin-Hyung and run the checkpoint, hitting the spike strip. Doyle shoots the gas tank of the functioning pursuit vehicle until it catches fire and explodes, killing both KE officers inside. The run-flats function as expected and Uber swaps color/ID/license once out of range.

KE responds almost immediately. Uber attempts to blend in with traffic and orders the Roadmaster to drive forward, changing the chameleon coating to resemble a DocWagon vehicle. Sc4rl3tt locates the dispatched pursuit vehicles and utilizes Puppetmaster to force the lead vehicle to reboot immediately. The KE Charger is crushed by the Dodge Goliath directly behind it, killing everyone inside. Uber pulls over with a group of other Shin-Hyungs and the KE HTR team blows by, failing to spot the two occupants.


The team continues on their way and arrives at the gym to find a large group of gangsters there. They drop off the K-10 shipment and are wired their pay along with their hazard bonus.


  • 30,000 NuYen
  • 2 karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Si this was wonderful, shot some Knight Errant, smuggled some drugs, all happy days. The team I worked with were all wonderfully well behaved, although I must really say that Sc3rl3tt was most excellent is how she handled the pursuit. Props all around.


Okay, I still can't believe that someone managed to find my smuggling compartment. First time that's ever happened. That was NOT okay. Good thing that Scar's pretty quick! I might have been yelling a little loudly after Doyle blew up that car, though... Scarlett claimed that she could hear me while she was in VR. Still not super happy about that part, but I think we should be fine...


Sooo... K10. We were hired to deliver some pretty dangerous shit. Usual meet in abandoned warehouse, 20 grand for the gig 10 more if shit hits the fan. This absolute unit of a minotaur, Century, pack into the Roadmaster while Uber and Scarlett go into his car packing the drugs. First check point golden, second also. Third one they find the smuggling compartment and shit hits the fan. Long story short cars explode and crash people die, narrowly avoid a bloody HTR.... Atleast the dead drop wasnt an ambush.