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Trigger Warnings

Abduction. Physical and Emotion Abuse

Please do not read farther is these topics may cause you discomfort.

Would-be Assassin
Vampire Hunter
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.21st Feb 2060
Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - A
Resources - E

Character Information


A woman pushed to the edge by a year of imprisonment at the hands of Vampires and Banshees. Driven to the shadows to take her revenge, she'll begin by learning how to murder dangerous metahumans, then move on to her true prey.

Cry is *not* a fanatic. Neither she is entirely obsessed with her religion and faith as one might expect. Instead, she is driven. She knows she is both a sinner and a damned soul, and embraces this fact, liberating her as it does from conventional morality and granting her the freedom to act as she must in service to herself and to her goals. A woman deeply traumatised by her past, she sleeps little and parties often, passing her sleepless nights on the hunt or in reckless drinking and debauchery. She knows she is damned until her soul can be reclaimed, and this behaves as she wills, all the while striving to gather back to herself that missing piece of herself which, deep down, she knows she shall never lived to reclaim.

She has spent much of the last year rediscovering and reinventing herself under the tutelage of some of the more disreputable members of the Roman Catholic church in Seattle, among them Father Figaro and Cardinal Boomstick. She is loosely affiliated with her rescuer, Rose of Sharon Howlett, with whom she maintain close contact and shares information concerning the activities of soul-drinking infected.


Black Trenchcoat: Cry is a traumatised vampire survivor no longer content with being "mere prey" but instead intent on turning the tables on those she blames for her ordeal. All of them. She's of the opinion that she should killed them all, and let God sort out through the guilty. Her theme is dark and tragic. Consequently she's not really suitable for Pink Mohawk play or light hearted runs, despite her long established friendship with Field Mouse.


  • First and foremost, Cry wishes to reclaim her soul and repair the yawning, awful, terrifying gap in her aura rent by the feeding minions of the Banshee Asmodeus. For now she intends to master the arts of the assassin against meta-human targets until she's ready to take on her first vampire. Until then, she will content herself by trying to fill the emptiness within herself by imagining the screams of soul drinking infected while she sends them straight to hell where they belong.
  • Gather intelligence on the infected members of the Shadowhaven community and, in order that she might keep her oath not to harm fellow haven runners personally, pass the information to Rose for further action.
  • Cry has heard hints that a secret, secular branch of the Roman Catholic Church exists which is dedicated to battling monsters and demons - the Infected, Blood Spirits, Bug Spirits, Toxic spirits and so on. She would deeply love to uncover information concerning this group, and to earn her place among them.
  • Find a way to persuade Field Mouse that he doesn't need to be a runner to complete his thesis.


Emily was well positioned in life. She had everything that mattered: a SIN, a good school, parents who loved her and a friendship that comes once in a lifetime. And she had a dream: university, a Pulitzer, a family, and in that order. All of that came crashing down the night she caught the attention of the wrong eyes while working her way through college, on an astral courier run into Puyullup. She tried to tell her brain she wasn't seeing what her eyes were seeing, but she was wrong.

And what was worse, what she was seeing saw her too. It saw her too, and days later it took her. For over a year she languished in the dark, being bled and fed upon as the mood took her captor, her tormentor. Trapped in the dark, bound by mage cuffs, she could perceive only the astral events around her, and far from becoming her haven from the world, the Astral scape around her became the stuff of nightmares. She -saw- souls drained from bodies. Men and women drained dry and murdered for the sustenance of a decaying, baying, decadent mob. Nightly, she preyed for death - until He sent salvation.

His Angels did not come in the form she had been given to suspect. They were thugs, gangers, runners, led by a woman with three parallel claw wounds upon her right cheek. She saw the stigmata at once and recognised it for what it was, the sign of a servant of God. They tore her mage cuffs away and freed her from the darkness, commanding her to run. Run! Hasten into the night.

And as she saw the vampiric minions of her once-captor fall beneath the blades of her liberators she knew! This, this why she had been spared.

So now, she walks the Shadows as a hunter of those who would call her prey. Setting herself as bait, luring them out. For though her prey might be dual natured, she knows they cannot stand against her when her shredded soul walks the Astral as a crusading Avenger. Her soul has been ravaged and to enter Heaven she must redeem by sending the souls of monsters to hell. Emily knows her prey haunt the shadows were good people cannot venture, and so she has ventured into the Shadowhaven. Bound by her word not to slay the demon-infested blood spawn she finds there, she knows she has no qualms concerning what she learns concerning infected runners to those who might otherwise put that knowledge to good use.

Deus Veult.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • College Education: Though she never finished her college education, Cry is still a registered student with the University of Washington.
  • Common Sense: Walking at home through campus grounds drunk, at night, was an uncharacteristic act for a once otherwise grounded and sensible young woman.
  • Deus Vult, Driven: Though not a fanatic, Cry believes she was spared from soul death for a reason, and intends to ensure that what she believes to be God's plan for her is fulfilled.
  • Innocuous: Cry really doesn't look anything like what most people expect from a shadow runner.
  • Dishevelled, Flashbacks (Feeding Type II Infected), Insomnia (Basic), Prejudiced (Essence Drainers -Outspoken), Social Stress (Presence of Infected): A year of anguish at the hands of her captors hasn't left Cry unaffected. As much as she hates and despises essence draining undead, and seeks their destruction, even simply being in their presence can reduce her to a quivering wreck.
  • Vendetta (Agamemnon and his Agents): While Cry seeks the destruction of soul-drinking undead in general, she holds a particular hatred for Agamemnon and his associates.
  • SINner (National): Emily Brook is a registered UCAS citizen.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Cry Wolf!Sarcarian3 October 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Cardinal Boomstick 6 1 Gear Priest Weapons Dealer, Ammunition, Heavy Weapons, Melee, Blades, Machine Guns, Explosives Even
Father Figaro 3 1 Custom(G,A,N,K) Priest and Talismonger Christian Theurge, All Things Holy, Silver Stockpile, Talismonger Even
Jewels 2 2 Service People Stabber Professional People Stabber, Unprofessional People Pleaser., Cutter with a Heart of Gold, Knife-Maker, The Fine art of Stabbinig, This is Cutters Turf! Even
Rose of Sharon Howlett 2 2 Legwork Occult Bounty Hunter HMHVV Carrier, CAS Native, Law Enforcement Experience, Monster Slayer, Spark of Magic Even


Field Mouse: Friends since Middle School.
Roman Catholic Church.


Agamemnon Type II Infected.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Astral Perception Table

Her aura is rent in the Astral, a horror to behold. Unlike the crisp, clean lines of empty to found in the aura's of those who replace their bodies with meat, and plastic and foreign tissue, Cry's aura is a frayed wound, a serious of ragged tears and gaping voids where there should be life and colour and vibrancy.

Threshold Result
1 1 Hit: Fit and well, Emotional State, Awakened. 2 Hits: Terrible, gaping voids in her aura that mark her as a victim of essence drain to those who know what to look for.
3 3 Hits: Alphaware datajack, sense if Essence and Magic is higher or lower than your own. 4 Hits: No betaware, Magic 4, Essence 4.
6 No genetech present.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Glitch: CRY! The new perfume to make your lover cry with joy! 1 or 2 Net Hits: No information.
3 A rookie runner, trying to break into the assassin trade. Despises vampires, banshees, and the like.
6 See "Media Mentions". Facial biometrics match those of Emily Brooke, and secure the following news articles about Cry's national SIN.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 "Cry? Never heard of her. Sounds like a walk-over if you ask me. Who calls themselves "Cry"?
3 "Cry? Uh. Who?"
5 "Brand new runner. Not really the type you'd associate with the Shadows. Really doesn't seem the sort. Good candidate for dead runner of the week if you ask me."


Emily Brook, UCAS Citizen. Actual SIN

Emma Pryde UCAS Citizen (Fake SIN and all licenses rating 4):


General Description and Clothing

A tall, slender woman of unremarkable good looks, of average height and with chestnut brown hair bound in a pony tail. Her eyes are bright, almost fevered, and her expression intent and driven. Her clothes are often soiled. wrinkled or grimy, and she rarely takes the opportunity to wash as often as she should. Even when she takes the time to clean her face and body, there's still a slight smell of woodsmoke, old sweat and damp soil about her, and she frequently deliberately styles her mascara to make it appear as though she has been crying, particularly when is is about to go into battle.

For the moment, she tends to favour baggy, almost shapeless Urban Explorer Jumpsuits with helmet, ballistic mask and forearms guards on a run. Her equipment is basic, marking her as a newcomer to the runner scene, but in good repair despite her habitually dishevelled appearance.

Matrix Persona

Her matrix persona is an angelic, winged being clad in battered armour of grey metal and bearing rod and staff as it's weapons.

Media Mentions

As Emily Brook

03 January 2080: A missing person's notice in the name of Emily Brook, last seen walking home from work through the University of Washington Campus, together with an appeal for information, posted alongside a vague description of a tall, slender "spooky" elf moving through the area minutes later.

12 January 2081: "Missing Girl Returns After a Year of Hell in A Vampire Torture Dungeon."
by News Van Dan.

ShadowGrid Profile Comments

Cry's Dossier

  • Shy knows where Fed Up lives. Fed Up sent a threatening email to District Attorney Mark Donoghy. Echo 3-1: "I can tell you all day that I shoot automatics, break in, blow stuff up, have an eagle eye all day". Vibrato weighs less than 60kg. Has downloaded an image of username: "UponaPaleHorse" and her bike before it was deleted by the server bot.

She knows Swerve is a banshee and is 20 years old. She knows Charon is infected with Strain I. She prefers to feed during lustful activities or when lust is the prevalent emotion. her mist-form is blood red. She knows Kani is undead and has a wife who is also undead. Kani tends to drink blood from blood banks. Cry knows La Rapide is undead. She knows that when an infected regenerates wounds, it hurts. Useful for interrogations. Transforming into mist does not hurt but most of the mist needs to remain intact to reform. Charon claims moisture filters can be enough to kill a vampire in mist form - note to self, get moisture filters and UV installed in the ventillation system of my next doss. We already know some dual natured can temporarily switch off being dual natured to pass through wards so wards alone are not enough. When dormant infected are not aware of the passage of time but their subconscious can still deteriorate. Shutting away a mist form infected in a sealed jar can therefore lead to madness and degradation of knowledge and ability to resume physical form after a documented period of 12 years. Possibly sooner.

Gigabite is a female ghoul with a safehouse in the Payallup underground. She sings death metal and plays guitar. Mystic Murray is a ghoul. Screech is infected and is a gnawer.

Runners Worked Alongside

Fidem x1, Field Mouse x1,