Scab Work

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Scab Work
Part of A Taint On Us All
LocationSeattle (Barrens)
Status Threat Level: High=>Medium
Factions Involved
Trevor Avila
Tamanous Clients
Gav Jacinto
Mr. X
Lou the XIII
Cassandra Black & Crew
Players declined to complete third collection, received less pay per lowered threat level of run.


Trevor, testing the waters with runners who have been problematic to his organization, sends them to repo ware in a dark wetwork run. The result is infighting and a refusal to complete the grittiest collection.


Since LB is unable to complete his rounds, (see A Lil' Legwork Never Killed Anyone,) Trevor Avila decides to hire ShadowHaven runners to cover up LB's disappearance.

The Meet

The team meets Trevor Avila at E-Vue, where it becomes immediately apparent that he has a working relationship with Cecelia Cross. He lets the team know that there are three collections to be done:

  • Mr. X has a modular cyberarm that needs reclaimed. Trevor asks the team not to violently repossess this one; it should be easy enough.
  • Lou the XIII has eyes, a datajack, and a neurostimulator that needs reclaimed. Trevor warns that this is a ghoul mage that Tamanous themselves had recruited until they started obtaining meat outside the designated zones, and they no longer employed.
  • Cassandra Black, a Cutters Lieutenant, known for their bronzed belt of ears. Having been disavowed by the Cutters, this was now a viable collection target, but they'd be surrounded by a crew.

Babylon, furious with not knowing exactly what Cecelia's angle is, nor why the Ancients would send her to work for Tamanous just to have an easy opportunity to off an old rival, Babylon begins subverting the meet--partially to be able to claim self defense when Trevor attacks her, and partially because she is unable to control her emotions.

After bargaining, the team agrees on taking the job for 30k, with Vip3r and Babylon intending to sabotage, and Swerve and Gav Jacinto planning to complete the mission to get paid and eliminate any previous hard feelings with the dangerous shadow org.

As a note, Swerve got spotted assensing Cecelia Cross, and that is a big no no.

The Plan

Babylon wants to contact the targets to warn the doctor, warn or ignore the ghoul, and send the Ancients after Cassandra Black. Gav Jacinto is extraordinarily neutral about the whole event and enjoys their wings, and Swerve tries to ensure their personal safety and the team by suggesting that they do the job AND prepare for an ambush at the handoff.

Vip3r spends time creating a visualization of the sort of handiwork Tamanous engages in from previous runs. Swerve agrees that they are a terrible org, but notes that--in this particular case--they can only bring lethal force at what are two "bad" people, and safe the life of the good person and even buy back their ware.

No cohesive plan is made.

The Run

The team eventually heads for Lou the XIII's townhouse near Glow City; when they get there, the argument bubbles over, and Gav Jacinto and Swerve go to try and coax Lou to visit a street doc to remove the ware instead of needing to suffer lethal consequences in the collection. Babylon and Vip3r refuse assistance.

When Swerve and Gav knock on the door, they're eventually told to come in. Swerve opens the door without any prepwork, and sets off a chain of grenades going from fully alive to fully dead instantaneously. Gav survives without a scratch, (but now covered in Swerve.) Lou attempts to finish off the regening Banshee, but Gav steps in front of the blast. Gav rattles off just a sick one liner, then chainsaws the mage to be just as dead as Swerve, only without the benefit of regen. As the pair attempt to return to the car with their bounty, Babylon and Vip3r depart.

While Swerve and Gav visit a nearby safehouse to clean up and prepare themselves for the next stages, Babylon and Vip3r visit Mr. X. After some convincing, he disengages his modular arm so that the two can take it to their meet. They discover that his clinic is protected by local Cutters, but Babylon does not engage them.

The two pairs meet back up, deciding to forego the third bounty in order to ensure their strength stays as topped off as possible for an inevitable betrayal at the meet. They decide to tell Trevor Avila that they suffered heavy damage during the first two collections and would be unable to finalize the third one in the window given. Trevor gives them drop off info, and ends the call.

While Trevor engages Cassandra Black, the team lays in wait at a warehouse in southern Redmond. Eventually, an ambulance pulls up, collecting the ware. Realizing that they are going to lose the cyberarm, Babylon rushes out to stop Zigzag from taking both. Zigzag gives Babylon the reduced payment, most of which Babylon returns in order to keep the arm.


  • Trevor Avila believes that Babylon and Vip3r will play ball to some extent, but they are still KoS for Tamanous.
  • Gav Jacinto is no longer implicated in the fallout from Never Skip Leg Day by Tamanous.
  • Swerve is marked off Trevor's personal KoS list...for now.
  • Trevor is forced to make the final collection himself, which may have implications down the road.
  • Mr. X is safe--or so the team thinks. Don't even worry about the qualities. It's fine.


Because Cassandra Black's bounty was not attempted, the run was reduced from a high threat to a medium threat.

All but Gav

  • 10 Karma
  • 8 CDP


  • 8 Karma
  • 10k Nuyen
  • 2 CDP

Optional Contacts

  • ZigZag (1/2). She appreciates your donation.
  • Mr. X (3/3)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Fuck. I really don't feel good about this one. Goddamn Tamanous. Goddamn fucking Infected organlegging cabal bulldrek. That Trevor fragger was taunting Vip3r and I - I would have killed him on the spot if we had been anywhere else. Doesn't even bare thinking about what he's up to with Cecelia; I'll need to deal with him in the future, he knows far too much and puts too many people I care for in danger with his existence. Fucking... I cannot believe Swerve. Just... gah, grow a spine. At least Gav was only in it for the money, I can understand that and could have paid her off. Really, some things are more important than our reputations.