The Most Urban Brawl 2: The Metagame

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The Most Urban Brawl 2: The Metagame
Part of Cross Flight Love Fight
LocationPuyallup, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III
Absolute Zero
Black Samurai
Red Samurai Dropoutx2
Red Samurai Dropout Mage
Red Samurai Dropout Decker
Casualties and losses
Red Samurai Dropoutx2, Red Samurai Dropout Mage, Red Samurai Dropout Decker
Duchess has gained a mild addiction to Betameth thanks to this run


In which Brodie J tries to cheat, but instead gets a new substitute team of Most Urban Brawlers


After the successful launch of The Most Urban Brawl, Brodie J and his business partners have all profited greatly from the enterprise, and through several million nuyen bets made amongst themselves. This has led to several of the "team owners" resorting to cheating to gain the upper hand, one such event being the hiring of shadowrunners to trick Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy into a storage container that was pushed into the Puget Sound.

The Meet

The runners are contacted by their various fixers and head to E-Vue in order to meet with Brodie J, while Absolute Zero and Black Samurai wait in line to be retrieved by Tee or Vee, Duchess, Voltage and Rooster all make their way past Vee-Jay much to the Troll's chagrin. After the regular shenanigans that come with Brodie J, and copious drug use by the runners, Brodie explains that his main team for The Most Urban Brawl has not been answering his calls, and there is an important game tomorrow. Originally his plan was to send the shadowrunners to disrupt one of the other teams, a group of Red Samurai dropouts that were brought in by one of the Renraku corp kids in Brodie J's contact list.

The runners convince Brodie J that instead of sabotaging another team, they should be the replacement team for Kenny and the boys. Completely oblivious to why this might be a bad idea, Brodie J agrees to having the runners be the substitutes for the Brodie J Bullet Trains. Black Samurai also offers up a team of Skraacha individuals based on a request from Warboss, and Duchess calls up Nina Gniewek and produces a team made up of the Ancients as well. The runners are informed that they'll be paid 20k for the service, but thanks to Duchess' negotiation, has it upped to 24k for each runner.

The Plan

The team is made up of gangers, murderers and murdering gangers, so the planning phase isn't extensive. Voltage calls Freya to see if there is any information about the other teams, and finds out about that the teams represent Aztechnology, SpinGlobal, Renraku and then the Ancients and the Skraacha. Deciding that there's nothing to it but to do it, the team arrive to the Puyallup intersection that leads to The Most Urban Brawl arena underneath.

The Run

After taking their drugs and casting their spells, the runners take off into the Most Urban Brawl arena. Voltage takes notice of some strange chanting in a wooded area nearby and fires a grenade which catches one of the Aztechnology mages in them. The runners finish off the Aztechnology team by having Black Samurai jump off the building while the rest of the team use their bikes to perform a drive-by assault.

They see on an AR display that the SpinGlobal team has dispatched the Ancients team, which throws Duchess and Voltage into a frenzy, but before they are able to get to the site where the Ancients have been killed, the runners meet up with the Red Samurai Dropouts. After a short fight, the dropouts prove that they were not truly Red Samurai material by dying to the blade of Black Samurai and the skills of the rest of the runners. They claim the ball, and find that the Renraku team had already dispatched of the Skraacha team.

On the way to their new goal, the runners are able to re-enable their wireless equipment, and begin to see a number of ads in AR that surround the arena, including an ad for E-Vue, featuring a shirtless Brodie J, as well as another ad made by Brodie J claiming to be a presentation on May 20th to "witness the rebirth of Cross Applied Technology"

The runners head down the field, making their way to one of the goals, and Duchess very narrowly avoids a shot from the lone SpinGlobal sniper. Using magic, Rooster and Absolute Zero send area of effect spells that ruin the sniper and end his life. The runners arrive at the goal and after a quick recollection that the game ball explodes when scored, Black Samurai and Voltage pass the ball back and forth until Black Samurai brings it to the hole and takes the explosion to the face.


As the Brodie J Bullet Trains are declared the victor through no one else alive (barring Nina, though she has hidden under the corpses of her colleagues), Brodie J arrives to congratulate his team for their victory. He pays them for their services and gives them their jerseys for putting on a good show. The runners return to their homes to sleep off the fierce game.

Voltage and Duchess get a severe dressing-down from Babylon for getting several Ancients Members killed, and share the ad they saw with Cecelia Cross who is enraged by this coopting of her family name.


  • - 24k Nuyen (12 RVP)
  • - 3 karma (3 RVP)
  • - Optional Contact: Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III (4/3 Most Urban Brawl Team Owner) (6 RVP taken from Karma or nuyen)
  • - +1 Public Awareness (Are now Most Urban Brawl stars)
  • - -2 Ancients Rep
  • - +5 Federated-Boeing rep
  • - +2 CDP

For Black Samurai:

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Black Samurai

We had an opportunity to seat a Skraacha team in Kenny's place, and then eliminate more Renraku purists. Instead, our Ancients ganger buddies negotiated us into fighting about five separate squads AND managed to field an Ancients team that got massacred. Sublime.

Can you imagine the audacity of stepping up and saying "no no--the job you offered isn't sufficient, let us inject ourselves and our allies into your system?" But--then to be immediately responsible for burying a team in your own colors because of that? Do you think that's a lesson learned or what? My team made it out in one piece, at least. I'm a little further out from under Warboss's thumb, and I now have the actual bullet trains for me this wasn't how I expected the job to go, but was fine.

Another thought occurs to me: I met Voltage in battle at a fight club a few weeks ago where she tried to claw me to death. Now she's using a grenade launcher...I wonder if the last fight was a fluke because I got my weapon of choice and she got what was left. I'll keep an eye open--there's no sense in getting complacent. She's not a huge fan of humans, but maybe I can slowly smack that outta her.

Shit. I hope Kenny's okay.


Hire us to take out another team? Well, that wasn't satisfactory at -all-. Fortunately I was able to make it clear to our friend Brodie that a better and more entertaining option existed. After all, who better to be the poster-person and front-woman for the team than a gorgeous, hard-riding, ace-shooter and so-charming nova-hot elf on a bike? Well, obviously Brodie J saw the genuine wisdom in that, and I managed to persuade my colleagues that taking on every single team in the Urban Brawl would be just as profitable as taking down one before the game.

Oh, and take a look at the timeslot at 21:47. That's where's I place my bike almost on the horizontal, right side almost scraping the asphalt and my back-side and both legs riding on the left-side, just to dodge a single bullet. The camera-drones capture the smug, wry smile I'm wearing when I pull my bike vertical again so perfectly, it's almost like they knew I was going for that kind of stunt. Hah. Who needs a control rig to work magic on a bike?

And uh, Nina and her crew? How can they try to put that on Voltage and I? I -told- them it was Most Urban Brawl they were signing up for, not Urban Brawl. Nina led our brothers and sisters into an ambush and got them all killed and made us look like fools. This was our chance to show the world and the Skraacha that you don't go after Ancients, but she brought the B team to the big Leagues. Those deaths are on her, not me.


You ever think about what you'd be doing in a perfect world where you weren't a shadowrunner? I do, and I would totally be a combat biker. I'd be perfect for it--Caroline and I are both big and loud and intimidating and built to kick ass, and I swear the only reason the Timberwolves ain't snatched me up yet is 'cause I'm too new in town to be on their manager's radar yet. I'd say that woulda changed today, but, y'know, my Most Urban Brawl stardom might make me a little too big and important for the tame drek you can get on the trids.

This is FOR SURE the most fun I've had on a job--like, seriously, what's better than gettin' paid to show off and blow drek up for an audience? Working with Duchess is always a good time, and that Black Samurai dude ain't so bad for a bre-- uh, sorry, a round-ear, he asked me not to call him that. And I KNOW I'm gonna be best friends with that little furry elf; I gotta introduce her to the boss and see if I can talk her into joining the crew. Uh... if they're not still mad at me and Dutch, that is. I gotta do a lot of work to save my rep if I still wanna get patched.